Zoids Wild Episode 9

Chapter 9: From the Wild

Zoids Wild Episode 9

Episode 9 Zoids Wild Zero Episode 9 25:00 Aired about 1 year ago. No description available for this episode. Zoids Wild Zero 2019 tv.

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Children scurried over Shattered Dream's claws like ants, as their laughs echoed throughout his ears. The main show was over, but now was the time for venders to sell and spectators to get an up close view of the Show Zoids. Bright signs flashed colorful letters of persuasion, overhead large booths advertising all sorts of different Zoids and parts. Here was where companies unveiled the latest of Zoids and equipment. It was also where brave companies had their products judged, and were given a rating accordingly. Speaking of which, looks like they have been lined up for a quite a while. Where are the judges? Shattered Dream wondered, looking around the room. Truthfully, he wasn't really looking for the judges. Instead, his mind wandered back to the ghostly silver Liger Zero. But, she was still nowhere to be found. He had the feeling that no matter how hard he searched, she wouldn't reappear.

Giving up the search, Shattered Dream turned his head towards the rest of his team. He swore he could see lightning crackling. Princess wouldn't even face Tundra and Snowstorm, who had their back turned as well. Whispers were exchanged between the two snow themed Ligers, while Princess glared at the wall. It was an awkward feeling, being stuck in the middle of everything.

Shifting attention elsewhere, Shattered dream let the sound of the place flood through his ears, and closed his eyes.

'Hey, I heard from the company show models that the judges haven't seen hem yet' This, got Shattered Dreams attention. Two Zoids in the next stall over were in the middle of a conversation. Eavesdropping, he tried to gather more info from the two Zoids as to what was going on.

'Really? That's unusual. They're never late' The second one replied.

'You know, I think they're doing a rejudging.' A third Zoid stepped in. ' A little rumor going around is that the winning team didn't win so honestly'

'But, the second place team is still there' All three Zoids glanced over in Shattered Dream's direction, to which he quickly looked away guiltily.

'Look around. Anything missing?' Trying to not be obvious about it, Shattered Dream surveyed the room for himself.

'That's right. Where's the winning team?'

The two Zoids whispered to themselves about what the third Zoid had pointed out. It was right, the booth for the winning team was empty. And now that he thought about it, something else was missing as well.

'Have you three seen the humans?' Shattered Dream turned to ask the rest of his team. All three sets of angry eyes fell on him.

'No. They're probably out enjoying the rest of the exhibit hall' SnowStorm's voice was like ice, his eyes of cold fire looked down upon Shattered Dream. Tundra said nothing, and Princess merely growled focusing elsewhere.

'Oh, ok' He got the feeling that that had been a stupid question to ask.

Shattered Dream couldn't really confirm SnowStorm's answer, but he couldn't disprove it either. Like everything else, it left him wondering. But, he decided to keep his discoveries to himself and leave everyone else be. Its going to be an uncomfortable ride home, he thought, his tail drooping and head hung low.

Then, an annoying static pestered his ears. It originated from the loud speakers overhead, lasting for a few seconds before a voce replaced it.

'Attention, second and third place teams of the main judging' It began 'A rejudging has been called'


Shattered Dream's three team mates brooding over their defeat suddenly perked up. Everyone looked at each other, a mixture of shock and excitement shone in each pair of eyes. Even Snowstorm's calm demeanor was cracked by the unforeseen turn of events. Could it be true? The idea lingered in the back of Shattered Dream's mind. Is it possible that we…

'Due to breaking a rule, the original first place team, Neon Beats, has been disqualified.' Excitement surged in Shattered Dream and the rest of his team. 'First place is therefore, awarded to the runner up team, The Enchanted!'

A high pitched squeal tore through Shattered Dream's sound receptors, the source being an overly excited Princess. His ears just couldn't catch a break tonight. Tundra batted playfully at Snowstorm, who held his head high and puffed out his chest. It was good to see everyone in high spirits again.

'I always knew there was something suspicious about them winning each competition' Princess huffed, sticking her nose up at the cheating team.

'They've only disgraced themselves. They have no pride' Snowstorm sneered.

'Come on everyone, we won! I think this calls for a victory roar!' Tundra exclaimed. And so the four Ligers pointed their heads skyward, parting their jaws and bearing their teeth in a ferocious roar that reached the twin moon of Zi.


'So, what was the prize again?' Shattered Dream asked, as the judges' Zoids placed medals around their necks.

' A wild Zoid' One of them responded. Then whispering to Shattered Dream he said, 'I heard shes certainly a wild one alright. Your humans better be careful.'

'Her?' He wondered out loud, as the judges' Zoids walked away.

'Who?' Tundra walked over, tilting her head slightly.


But Shattered Dream didn't answer. No, he was far too busy thinking about this her. Was she really as bad as they claimed? What type of Zoid was she? Did they truly get her from the wild? So many questions, so little answers. But he guessed he would find out soon.


Tundra rolled her eyes, figuring the newbie wouldn't respond. Instead, she turned her attention to the reinforced box wrapped in caution tape that was being loaded onto their Whale King. As it was set down, humans swarmed to secure it down. What did it hold? That was at the top of her mind, as she followed her snowy Liger friend up to the Zoid bay. What is he thinking? Was a close second. It was always so hard to tell with SnowStorm. His face betrayed nothing, and he wasn't particularly one for lengthy conversations. Tundra debated whether or not to try and start up one of these short lived talks, but decided instead that she would join him in his silence. After the door was shut and darkness engulfed the interior, the female Liger stretched out on the floor, the cooling metal against her underside. And, to her pleasure, a certain matching male Liger relaxed next to her, their vented heat combining to warm their armor.

'I spy with my little eye…' Princess giggled, casting a sideways glance at the two.

'Huh?' Shattered Dream didn't quite know what she was talking about.

'Oh, you can be so thick' Princess shook her head. 'Anyways, I can't wait to get home and relax. Also, I think we'll be home just in time for the others to get back'

'Others?' Shattered Dream asked.

'Yea, Red and Stripes, the inseparable duo. They were loaned out to some family friends for a photo shoot' Princess replied. 'But you'll learn more when you meet them'

'Oh, ok. I guess then I really can't wait to get home. So many new Zoids to meet' He responded, looking back at the box far in the back.

'I'm sure the humans are excited about a new addition' She said 'They certainly were when they bought you'

'Really? Where did they get me from?' He was now interested.

'Well, an old beat up Gustav came by. It looked like it had been through one to many a bad situation.' Princess started 'It had a train of at least three trailers, two of which had Zoids covered by tarps. The other one probably carried parts'

'And I was one of those Zoids?'

Zoids Wild Episode 9 English Dub

'yep. You were so unique looking, the humans couldn't pass you up. Though, it was almost like you were brand new, you weren't even registered. That's the thing I found sort of odd'

'Yea, that is pretty weird. But I can't particularly remember much of anything, so I can't explain it. Do you think I was stolen?'

Zoids Wild Ep 9

Princess paused for a moment. 'The humans did stop to consider this. They even ran you through the police. But, nothing came up. No hits on your description, number, parts, nothing. No one had even reported a stolen Liger for quite some time.'

Shattered Dream took a second to think about all of this. It bothered him, not remembering. He wanted to know. Although, the way Princess described him… was it possible that there wasn't anything to actually remember? No, it was too strange. He definitely had some recollection of random details from his past life, like his name. What was it again…? Oh yes, Milo. But there were no actual memories; no remembrance of any sort of events. Perhaps that is the key to figuring everything out, remembering. Then, I could finally put my mind at ease and enjoy my new life.

Zoids Wild Zero Episode 9 English Sub

'Strange? Definitely. But you're her now, and that's the end of that' Princess stood up, resting her tail on his should for a brief second. 'Looks like we're almost home'

Out a tiny window, Shattered Dream could see that she was right. He spotted the base, home, off in the distance.

Zoids Wild Zero Episode 9 Sub

'Time certainly flies when you have something to talk about' He noted, as the Whale king moved in for a landing.

Zoids Wild Zero Episode 9

'That it does' Agreed Princess.

'I can't wait to see what's inside!' Drake rushed over to the box that had just been unloaded into a large arena hangar, Gelcia by his side and Lora trailing behind.

'Do you think it will be pink!?' an excited Gelcia squealed.

'Who knows. Lets find out, shall we?' Lora walked up.

The two nodded. Lora motioned to one of the workers that accompanied them in a high, raised glass control room. A few button presses later, the mechanical arms were disengaging the locks. Slowly, the door fell open. Blue eyes came to life, and in a flash, the beast was released. A Liger Zero, a wild, original model, darted out. Indeed she was pink, and she was pissed.