Xyzprinting Error 0040

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I just received my 3D printer from FedEx. I took it out the box, removed all packaging and tape. Plugged it in and it made an extremely loud grinding noise and then gave an error code 0030. Said to go to and put in that code for instructions. However, this website does not have the search ability for that code or any code. I watched the tutorial for first time use and I did everything like it said up to the point where it stalled with an error code. Can someone please tell me what that is and what I am supposed to do to fix that?

Xyzware Slicer Not Found Error

Xyzware server not found

Xyz Printer Error 0040

Xyzprinting Error 0040

Xyzprinting 0040 Error

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  • You're right, it seems like all I needed to do was to put in a new SD card for it to function, I had assumed that I needed some core files on the SD card for it to function properly.
  • There was a problem with the extruder heating. Turn off the Mini and check to see if the extruder connector is securely connected. Restart you printer and retry. If you continue to get the same error, contact the XYZprinting service center for support.

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PLEASE REFER TO USERGUIDE & FOR ISSUE 0040 This error pops up on my printer and should have to do something with the SD card in the back of t.