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It's a necessary step to set a password on a word file if it was important for you. This will prevent the valuable data from being seen by others. What's to do if you just forgotten the password? This happens quite often because there are so many passwords we need to remember in nowadays, such as lockscreen passcode, admin password, bank password, website password, etc… It's pretty easy to mess up the password if you didn't write them down. And it would take a lot of time to try the possible password by yourself. Luckily, there are several ways you can restore the word password if you chose the right tool.

BIOS Password Recovery for Laptops. Quick and easy way to recover BIOS passwords on laptops. Based on research by Dogbert and Asyncritus. Enter your code. Try one of the following codes: Vendor Type Hash Code/Serial example; Compaq: 5 decimal digits: 12345: Dell: serial number: 1234567-595B 1234567-D35B 1234567-2A7B 1234567-1D3B. Together, these key sources form the Composite Master Key. KeePass does not support keys being used alternatively, i.e. It's not possible that you can open your database using a password or a key file. Either use a password, a key file, or both at once (both required), but not interchangeably. Master Passwords.

Solution 1 : Try All Possible Password Combinations by Yourself

If the password was set by yourself, then the first choice is to try all the passwords you could think up. There is no limitation on this. From a standard point, most of us only use a few password combinations for convenience, such as birthday, short names, pet name, etc... Or you can check whether you had already written it down on a paper or note app. Calm down and think it carefully. Don't expect to restore the password in the beginning. However, if you tried your best to do this and still didn't work, then you should have a look at the solution 2.

Solution 2: Use Word Password Recovery Tool

When you are planning to find a valid solution via search engines, it ends up to scratch your head again as there are so many solutions available. You can't tell which is the best one. But you have no time to try them out one by one as it would take hours to know whether the method works or not. For me, Office Password Recovery is my favorite tool to restore forgotten password on office-based files, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I have successfully regained my lost password several times by using this program. What's more, the average time is much less than similar programs, which is largely due to its advanced password recovery algorithms.

1Install Office Password Recovery and Open Password-Protected Word File

It is imperative that you have Office Password Recovery downloaded, installed and ready to start working with. This is the very useful tool that will help you in regaining the lost password .

After installation, the first step is to click on 'Add File' button and then select your locoked Word file that you want to recover the password.

2Choosing the Correct Password Recovery Mode

This tool provides 3 types of recovery options, which you can see under the Type of attack section from the main interface. Each one is designed for specific situation and each type of attack has additional settings to make the recovery process easier and quicker.

Brute force attack: Try out all the possible combinations of password and then try to crack it.

Mask attack: Remembered if you have a part of password information such as password length, range, lowercase and uppercase letters, numerals, and special characters, then program could search your password in a fairly small range, this will greatly reduce time.

3 Start Recovering Password from Word File

Once all the settings are done then the tool will automatically try and recover the password from that word file. The required time is mainly depending on how complex the password is. Please don't shutdown or restart the computer during this process. When the password has been regained, you can copy it from the box and paste in the required dialogue box. With this, the file can be opened with the help of the original password.

Therefore with these simple steps, you can easily assure that your password is being recovered and you will also not have to create a new set of codes. There is no password breaking or going through the several difficult and over the top steps. These instructions are clear and simple and thus pretty much easy for an average person with less technical knowledge as well to understand. Thus when it comes to recovering the password then make sure that you use safe methods and ways with the help of this word password recovery tool.

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The article will introduce three password recovery tools for docx password recovery, including free 7-zip, professional Word Password Genius and Office Password Genius Professional. Probably it is hard to have a choice among them now when you forgot Word 2007-2016 document password. But while you have read the description below about how to recover docx password with them, you will find the best word password recovery tool for you.

Section 1: Remove Word 2007-2013 Forgotten Password with 7-Zip

1. Make sure your computer installed with free 7-zip.

2. Rename encrypted word document isunshare.docx to isunshare.zip.

3. Right click isunshare.zip and choose 7-Zip Open archive.

4. Find settings.xml in the opening archive in 7-Zip. Right click it and select Edit option.

5. Find the XML element beginning with w:documentprotection, highlighted in the screenshot above. Remove the entire element.

6. Save settings.xml and update the archive isunshare.zip.

7. Change the encrypted zip file extension from .zip back to docx.

Now you could open word docx document without password.

Tips: Even though it is free, I find I cannot remove word docx password with above method every time when I try it. So if you want to make sure your word docx password can be recovered, and no damage to this document, an effective and safe word password recovery software is necessary.

Section 2: Recover Word DOCX Password with Word Password Genius

Besides word docx document password, Word Password Genius could recover doc password too. In a word, it applies to Word 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 password.

Before docx file password recovery with Word Password Genius, please to be certain that, its full version has been installed on your computer. Or if your docx file password is less than 3 characters, you can try its free trial version.

Office Password Recovery Free

1. Run Word Password Genius and add encrypted docx file with Open button.


2. Choose appropriate one from four password attack types in Type of attack.

3. Specify password range, length, or mask, or dictionary path according to selected password attack type.

4. Tap Start button to begin recovering docx file password.

5. About few seconds or minutes later, you could find word docx password appear on pop-up Password Recovered dialog.

Tips: This word password recovery tool only uses the CPU resources on this computer to recover word password, while Office Password Genius Professional could makes full use of all PCs CPU in the same LAN. So you could see which one is more effective for word docx password recovery.

Section 3: DOCX Password Recovery with Office Password Genius Professional

Word Password Recovery Master Key

If you have several other computers in the same LAN help to recover docx password, undoubtedly Office Password Genius Professional should be your first choice.

Before Word docx password recovery:

1. Install and run Office Password Genius Professional on your computer.

2. Create iSunshare Peer installation file 'isunshare-peer.exe' with Make Peer button.

Word 2007-2016 docx password recovery process:

1. Open encrypted word docx document on Office Password Genius Professional.

2. Set password range and length in Range Options and Length for default password attack type Brute-Force.

3. Double-click isunshare-peer.exe on client computers to install iSunshare Peer and launch it.

4. Click Start button to run word docx password recovery main program, Office Password Genius Professional.

5. Confirm 'iSunshare Peer' settings and status. Now it should be working.

For example, if you don't want iSunshare Peer uses all of your CPU cores to only recover docx password, you can set it Inefficient. But please be sure it is working. If not, you can close and run it again to check whether it can work.


6. In few seconds later, docx password is recovered successfully and shown in a new dialog pop up on Office Password Genius Professional.

Word Password Recovery Master 4.1 Keygen

Compared to Word Password Genius, Office Password Password Genius Pro or Advanced can guarantee that, there is always one Office password recovery program 'iSunshare Peer' running on a computer for docx password recovery. Besides, if iSunshare Peer runs on all computers in the LAN or WAN, word docx password recovery speed would be improved substantially.

Free Word Password Recovery Tool

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