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Comment by Tewiremu13

this song brings back memories

Comment by hnkin101

Very good song

Comment by User 191677768

I heard this song from a free bird drugdealn mf. the coolest mf ever meet but the biggest fuckin snake in the world wkt no loyalty. Dude got demons aint seen him since inleft TX

Comment by GEBJöRNT

genius love song...

Comment by User 587417566

My sister did a remix on this

Comment by Saeed Almalki

Hi is talk about my love

Comment by Tomi Hougen

music video dance idea for this one


Comment by Catherine Rodriguez

This is so good 🤍

Comment by Kyle Lindsay


Comment by Ali Ahmad


Comment by Swavy Emm

Love this song

Comment by EMCProductions

Forgot this somg existed

Comment by that one annoying person :)

This song brings back so many memorys

Comment by Psikopat Balikçi

slowly driftng

Waves By Mr Probz Mp3 Download

Comment by User 983790575

dis a banger

Comment by Marissa Moore


Comment by Double J

Ill miss you kellee😞🥰😎

Comment by anastasia Garcia


Comment by Lowly Nıghts

never gets old

Waves By Mr Probz Mp3 Download

Comment by Eleanor Prescott


Comment by AV_Dubz

used to not be a preview... cmon mane

Comment by Mahoney

go listen to my music thanks

Comment by user7469397


Comment by Melissa Suzanne

I͙ s͙p͙y͙ s͙p͙y͙ w͙i͙t͙h͙ m͙y͙ l͙i͙t͙t͙l͙e͙ eye

Comment by Elijah Burd

Always listen to this song

Comment by Gemoroy


Comment by BrodieMcGillion💨

Best song

Comment by User 741008983

yo i have a producer name growing rich on Soundcloud if u want him but good song bro

Comment by Shrek Wazouski

@sawdustbeats fuck off cunt

Waves By Mr Probz Lyrics

Comment by Caroline Koblick

Waves By Mr Probz Mp3 Download Mp3

original is always better love it