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Are you using a Vodafone smartphone or tablet? If yes are you searching for the Stock ROM of your device? If yes is your answer again, then you have landed on the right page. Here you can download Vodafone Stock ROM for all models.

Download Vodafone stock ROM from here (based on the model number of your device), flash it on your smartphone or tablet and get back the native Android user interface again. Also, you can unbrick your bricked device by flashing stock ROM on it.


Download Vodafone Stock ROM

Vodafone Models Android VersionDownload Stock ROM
Vodafone 875 4.1.1Download Now
Vodafone JS406 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone P100-A 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone P300-B 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P500-B 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P600 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P600-A 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone P600-B 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone P800 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P800 QHD 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P800-A 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone P800-B 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone P900 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone P900-A 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone S9300 Plus 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone S9300A 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone S9300B 4.0.4Download Now
Vodafone Smart Tab 3G 4.4Download Now
Vodafone V785 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone V860 2.3.7Download Now
Vodafone 888 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone 888N 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone V795 5.1Download Now
Vodafone V985N 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone VF685 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone VF695 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone VF696 5.1Download Now
Vodafone VF795 5.1Download Now
Vodafone VF889N 4.4.2Download Now
Vodafone VF890N 4.2.2Download Now
Vodafone VF895N 5.0.2Download Now
Vodafone VF1296 5.0Download Now
Vodafone VFD100 5.1Download Now
Vodafone VFD200 5.1Download Now
Vodafone VFD300 6.0Download Now
Vodafone VFD500 6.0Download Now
Vodafone VFD1100 6.0Download Now
Vodafone VFD301 6.0Download Now
Vodafone Smart Tab 2 3G VFD1100 6.0Download Now
Vodafone 1050G NADownload Now
Vodafone 1050D NADownload Now
Vodafone Smart Style 7 6.0.1Download Now
Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 VFD700 6.0.1Download Now

Points To Remember

  1. V785-2bvdpt1 Hello guys, I really need your help. I need to return the phone to it's original state because I rooted it and deleted some system apps (like Hangouts) and now the OTA update fails to install.
  2. VODAFONE V785 No Dead Risk 10000% Tested No Virus Prottect All Ok. VODAFONE V785 RESTART HANG ON LOGO Virus Problem Solves.

1) All the Stock ROM files given on this page are officially provided by Vodafone Group. So, if you face any errors while flashing the Stock ROM file on your device, contact their support team.

2) To connect your Vodafone device to a computer, download Vodafone USB driver and install it on your PC or Laptop.

3) You can get rooting tutorials, TWRP installation tutorials, etc., for your Vodafone smartphone or tablet by visiting rootmydevice.com!

4) If you can’t find the Stock ROM file for your device in the above table, leave a comment below.


Vodafone V785 Rom

5) After flashing stock ROM on your device, make sure that you flash the original IMEI using an IMEI tool.

Vodafone V785 Firmware

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