Vegas Pro Sapphire Plugins

Vegas Pro has an array of standard tools, but you can expand its functionality with Sony Vegas plugins.

Currently, there are many extra plug-ins for Vegas. Some of them are paid while others are distributed for free.

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I have compiled a list of the best Sony Vegas plugins that will allow you to facilitate your workflow and boost the program’s functionality.

So can anybody recommend me plugins compatible with Sony Vegas Pro? Sony Vegas Pro, or you can call it Magix Vegas Pro, is a widely-used video editor designed for non-linear editing systems. It is true that you can get lots of features to edit video and audio files, better than Sony Vegas Free. Sapphire - Boris FX. In My Opinion Sapphire Plugins Are The Best Plugins For Free Downloading And. Extensive collection of high quality presets for Sapphire Edge plugin from GenArts, company known for its high-end visual effects plug-ins and solutions for videographers and film compositors. Our exclusive collection of presets allow editors and motion graphics artists to create the best look for their video projects on a tight schedule.

14 Sony Vegas Plugins

It is rather difficult for the developers to meet the requirements of all users. With this in mind, they allow third-party developers to fulfill these suggestions by creating plug-ins.

Some Sony Vegas Pro plugins listed below are created by enthusiasts, while others – by large companies engaged in software development.

1. Free Vegas Pro Plugins Bundle: LUTs

LUTs are widely used in video editing. Even professionals use these tools for fast and high-quality video color grading. Download our collection of LUTs, and you will get several universal color solutions for any type of footage.

Currently, Vegas Pro doesn’t offer built-in tools that allow applying LUTs. Nevertheless, you can do it with the help of the latest versions of the Magic Bullet Looks plug-in.

2. Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Looks allows you to improve, adjust colors and shades in the video, and apply LUTs. This Sony Vegas plugin includes more than a hundred different presets divided into ten categories.


You can choose one of 65 pre-installed “Looks” (built-in presets) or create/upload your own ones. The developer claims that this tool will be useful for almost any project, whether it is a wedding video or a video presentation for work.

3. Wax

This is a mini-program for flexible and highly effective compositing and creation of special effects. Wax allows you to create 2D and 3D effects and can work both as standalone software or a Vegas plugin. With the help of Wax, you can download and use VirtualDub filters, DirectX plug-ins, and Windows Movie Maker presets.

4. GenArts Sapphire OFX

This is a package of awesome video filters that includes over 240 great effects for video editing. You can work with multiple categories, such as lighting, stylization, sharpness, distortion, and transition settings. Also, it is possible to adjust or animate all the effect’s parameters.

5. Vegasaur

Vegasaur contains numerous automated tools that boost the functionality of Vegas Pro. Thus, you can considerably simplify your workflow while dealing with large projects.

A number of advanced tools and scripts automate some common video editing tasks, saving you from daunting manual work.

6. Mike Crash Plugins

Have a look at some interesting Vegas Pro plugins from Mike Crash:

Smart Smoother is a tool based on the VirtualDub filter. It is designed to correct smooth/blur effects while keeping the structure of the video preserved.

Dynamic Noise Reduction is based on the DNR filter for VirtualDub and is designed to remove digital noise.

7. JetDV – Excalibur

JetDV – Excalibur lets you switch between cameras in real-time and add the majority of tools individually to the toolbar. Also, it includes features for video editing and creativity, which you can integrate into Vegas. To get access to all these functions, you will need to use a single button on the Vegas toolbar.

8. SpiceMASTER

SpiceMASTER is widely recognized as a plug-in for creating soft/organic video transitions. Apart from offering cool visual effects, it will help you accomplish all your creative goals. More than 250 000 professionals worldwide have enhanced their clips with SpiceMASTER.

9. CreativEase

CreativEase is a brand-new set of efficient and easy to apply video effects. You can make the best use of affordable 11 Sony Vegas effects plugins that are organized in five Packs. With these video effects, you can streamline the process of video editing and create vibrant and catchy visuals.

CreativEase is a redesigned version of SpiceFILTERS plug-in. It comes with numerous new filters, features, and capabilities.

10. BORIS FX Red

This plug-in is designed by the Boston company BORIS FX. Now, its 3rd version BORIS Red 3GL supports Vegas. BORIS Red is a widely used tool in the video editing sphere since it is an all-in-one plug-in for creating transitions, titles, 2D and 3D models, compositing, and more.

11. BORIS FX Particle Illusion

With this add-on, you can enhance your videos using 3000+ amazing special effects. Moreover, you can adjust all the necessary parameters of the particles, such as size, quantity, speed, etc. You will no longer need to look for special effects on the Internet because this plug-in will easily replace them.

12. NewBlue Essentials

This Sony Vegas plugins list would be incomplete without NewBlue Essentials. It includes 7 unique video effects that allow you to bring your footage to perfection. All filters have easy and convenient settings. With this plug-in, you can turn your videos into metallic scenes or give them virtual reality look and feel.

13. NewBlue TotalFX

This is also a set of 7 video filters to create motion graphics and amination. Use this add-on to simulate an earthquake, add such motion effects as a matrix, and more. Like all other products from NewBlue VideoFX, these filters have convenient and straightforward controls, as well as high-quality results.

14. Ultimate S

The pack includes over 58 utilities, features and tools created based on scripting plug-ins for Vegas. Ultimate S 2.0 contains 30 new additional features, 110 presets, and 90 tools for video editing.

It also comes with new features, such as iZotope audio plug-ins, the ability to view the footage of all cameras simultaneously, switch between cameras in real-time, and more!

How to Install Sony Vegas Plugins?

You can use these methods to streamline the installation process.

Auto Installer

If you download the plug-ins package in *.exe file format, you just need to specify the root folder in which your Vegas is located. For example:

Sapphire For Sony Vegas

C:Program FilesSonyVegas Pro

After you specify this folder for installation, the Installation Wizard will automatically save all the plug-ins there.

Manual Installation

If your Sony Vegas Pro plugins are in the *.rar, *.zip file format (archive), you need to unpack them into FileIO Plug-Ins folder, which is located here:

C:Program FilesSonyVegas ProFileIO Plug-Ins

Vegas Pro Sapphire PluginsPlugins

Where to Find Installed Plug-ins in Vegas?

After you’ve installed the plug-ins, launch Vegas Pro and go to the “Video Fx” tab to see whether the new adds-on have appeared there. You can recognize them by the blue labels next to the names. If you haven’t found new plug-ins on this list, it means that they aren’t compatible with your version of the video editor.

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Sapphire Crack 2019 is the latest major upgrade for the legendary suite of VFX plug-ins. Key features include a totally revamped and enhanced LensFlare and Flare Designer, new PixelSort digital glitch art effect, new WhipLash transition, new animating shape tool for Effect and Transition Builder, new Mocha Essentials workspace with new spline tools like magnetic edge snapping, and is optimized for maximum CPU and GPU performance, sapphire plugin sony vegas patch.
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Main Features

Vegas Pro 14 Sapphire Plugin

    A long kept secret in the Hollywood feature film community, the Sapphire lighting package has been used in countless films, commercials, and television programs. It’s fast, beautiful, and stocked with many smart time-saving features that will leave your images looking beautiful in no time at all. Whether it’s glowing, glints, lens flares, light rays, or glares, the Sapphire lighting package lives up to the hype.
    Sapphire’s Effect and Transition Builder gives users the ability to browse and try out Sapphire effects with ease, enabling artists and editors to create their own custom effects and transitions. Builder ships with over 150 preset for creative and correctional purposes, so you can start using it right out of the box. Browse the new presets by effect name, genre, or featured artist. All new effects and transitions made with Builder can be saved as presets and shared across compatible hosts: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve
    There’s nothing harder than starting from a blank slate so Sapphire features over 3000 presets, many crafted by top-notch artists and editors. With every release, brand new presets are added so there’s always something fresh to play with.
    Sapphire offers a wide variety of convenient licensing options. Whether it’s breaking down the full suite into individually priced Sapphire Units, offering Sapphire subscriptions, or RLM server-based “floating licenses”, Sapphire can fit into any budget.
    LensFlare and the Flare Designer are redesigned and reimagined. The Flare Designer is greatly improved and enhanced to increase the ease of use and expand its functionality. The preset browser is now integrated directly inside the Flare Designer, making accessing and modifying lens flare presets a breeze. A new lens flare “component” workflow allows artists to easily and intuitively build a complex flare from scratch and helps reveal the power and flexibility of Sapphire’s flare engine. Finally, 27 new professionally designed presets have been added. Watch this introductory video to get up to speed on how to use this amazing new tool.
    PixelSort is a fantastic new Sapphire effect that grew up in the modern digital “glitch art” movement. It’s a fun new way to distort your image in a multitude of different ways and features many deep parameters to produce some stunning results. PixelSort is also available inside the Sapphire Effect and Transition builder. Combine it with other Sapphire effects for a truly original effect, and use it as a transition to up production value in any edit. Watch this short video to learn more about Sapphire PixelSort.
    Sapphire WhipLash is a “sister effect” to one of the most popular Sapphire transitions, S_SwishPan. It has some amazing new functionality and features that will undoubtedly make it the Sapphire transition of choice. At its core S_Whiplash is a brand new transition that mimics a lighting quick camera pan, blending multiple copies of an image together so it appears as if a great distance is traveled in a short amount of time. S_WhipLash also features a nice soft bounce stop, a smooth finish or a snapback at the end of the transition. RGB separation blurs can be added for a different look and S_Whiplash can travel in any direction or angle as well as scaling up or down. Watch this short video to see what this new and extremely powerful Sapphire transition can accomplish.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, Windows 7.
  • Processor (CPU): Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz) Or Above.
  • Graphics Cards (GPU): PCI Express graphic accelerator supporting DirectX 9.0, Intel HD Graphics or above.
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB required for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB for product installation.

How To Install

  1. Extract the RAR file and install the setup as a trial.
  2. Copy the patch file to the installed directory and run the patch.
  3. All Done.

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