Vcds 18.2 Interface Not Found

VCDS 18.2.1 VAG-COM K+CAN HEX interface for VAG car Interface not found problem still puzzle our client for it. Below share VCDS 18.2.1 Vagcom Cable VCDS 18.2.1 VAGCOM Interface not found solution solution as following.

VCDS VAG-COM 18.2.1 Problem:


I was able to register the VCDS 18.2.1 software successfully but now I can’t seem to get the port to work.

VCDS VAG COM 18.2 is Original Plan VCDS 18.2 HEX K+CAN USB Interface support VAG Car diagnostic & hidden brush. VCDS 18.2 VAG COM Cable support software update online in the future. It's 1:1 Genuine Ross-Tech VAG COM VCDS 18.2 Cable Compatible with All version VCDS Crack Software & latest version VCDS software Download from Ross-Tech Website. Golden Rule: Must disconnect from internet everytime before launching VCDS, else will say 'Interface not found'. Also, do NOT update the software. Read golden rule above? Dec 12, 2018 Or you can found that VCDS loader from our CD software. Installed VCDS and VCDS loader to got a VCDS activation file. Send activation fille to [email protected] email for vcds 18.9.0 activation. Connect the VCDS VAGCOM 18.9.0 kable to laptop, get activation file back from us, then input VCDS loader for register. But Some customers feedback that: when they install vag vcds 11.11 or vagcom 11.11.3 on the laptop and connect to the car.but message was: interface not found.they also tried port 1,2,3,4 and usb. And changed COM PORT in device manager on laptop to light flash on cable conector when connected to car! Next try running the VCDS-Lite Test of the port you assigned. It should state 'Port Ok', and may state that the interface is found. If you get an 'Interface not Found' on the port test, try connecting the cable to the car, switching the ignition to On, and running the VCDS-Lite test option again.

Every time i plug the cable into the car and try to save the port, it tell me that the interface is not found. But when the cable is not plugged into the car, the port works fine…..


Help is appreciated ..: thank you VCDS 18.2.1 VAGCOM VCDS Cable Solution:


Reinstalled the VCDS software and choose install 32-bit EXE on 64-bit System

Need Ross-Tech VCDS 18.2.1 VAG-COM 1:1 Original Plan VCDS HEX K+CAN Interface just contact us freely. Kindly note: we do not offer after-sales for the product from other supplier, need anyhelp pls keep your order number from ask for help. Thanks.

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Vcds 18.2 0 Interface Not Found

Feb 11, 2008
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Hi All, this is the error that I get all the time since switching from a Win XP OS laptop to Win 7 laptop & from 409.1 to the new VCDS Lite 10.6. Casn someone please help me rectify the issue?
I started from scratch and plugged my non-genuine cable into my laptop, Windows 7 searched the internet for a driver and found one, presumably from Ross Tech. Once the driver had installed it assigned it to COM3 which is not in use by anything else. I right-clicked the VCDS lite icon and selected 'compatibility', from that I set permission to the application as administative, applied and okayed it. I then connect the cable to the car and turn on the ignition, the cable lights up blue to indicate a connection has been established so I open op VCDS and test the connection to COM3, I then get this error. I've tried changing the COM to 1/2/4 also and still I get the same result which ever way, I have also tried all of the different USB ports on my laptop, installing the driver for each but again the same error message.
I then uninstalled all VCDS drivers and VCDS. I redownloaded it and installed the driver that comes with the software this time but once everything is up and running, the same error all over again.
My understanding of the error message is that the interface cable is connected to the right port however VCDS cannot establish a connection to the car or perhaps it just doesn't recognise the cable anymore. I bought this cable some time ago and ran it on Win XP, everything ran fine then with no issues at all so the car definitely accepted the cable. Could it be that the cable is out of date?
Can someone please help me with this?