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    • By Draco18s · Posted

      Good thing the documentation I linked tells you where it goes so you can create it.
    • By diesieben07 · Posted

      Post updated logs.
    • By diesieben07 · Posted

      Several issues: For a start onBlockHarvested is not at all the right hook here. You need TileEntity#remove. Your connections need to be lazy. As in: The TEs need to know only the positions and lazily query the world. During readFromNBT there is no world yet, you can't query the world for other TEs.
    • By CriscoMods · Posted

      //saving all tile entitiesList<CompoundNBT> connectedEntities = new ArrayList<>();CompoundNBT entity;for (int entityInList = 0; entityInList <= this.masterEntity.connectedEntities.size();entityInList++){ entity = new CompoundNBT(); entity.putInt('x',this.masterEntity.connectedEntities.get(entityInList).pos.getX()); entity.putInt('y',this.masterEntity.connectedEntities.get(entityInList).pos.getY()); entity.putInt('z',this.masterEntity.connectedEntities.get(entityInList).pos.getZ()); connectedEntities.add(entity);}compound.put('connectedEntities', (INBT) connectedEntities); //restore saved entities List<CompoundNBT> connectedEntities = (List<CompoundNBT>) compound.get('connectedEntities'); CompoundNBT entity; if (connectedEntities!= null){ for (int entityInList = 0; entityInList < connectedEntities.size();entityInList++ ){ entity = connectedEntities.get(entityInList); this.masterEntity.connectedEntities.add((EngineeringBlockTileEntity) BlockPos(entity.getInt('x'),entity.getInt('y'),entity.getInt('z'))));}} So I'm trying to save list of TileEntities to a block, because the block uses the list to determine the number of blocks connected to each other. As the blocks are being placed the list expands. If I exit the world and comeback I cannot remove blocks that have already been placed. It crashes when it attempts to remove that block from the connectedEntities list because the list is empty. I'm trying to save it using the code above but it's not working. I just need some to be point me in the right direction. @Overridepublic void onBlockHarvested(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, BlockState state, PlayerEntity player) { EngineeringBlockTileEntity entityRemoved = (EngineeringBlockTileEntity) worldIn.getTileEntity(pos); entityRemoved.masterEntity.connectedEntities.remove(entityRemoved); entityRemoved.masterEntity.blockCount = entityRemoved.masterEntity.connectedEntities.size(); super.onBlockHarvested(worldIn, pos, state, player);}
    • By KqndyCqne · Posted

      I take my response back, mod is for 1.15.2, when i launch it, the library is too new, when i launch 1.16.3 the mod is for an older version.
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Hey Guys I show you how to install MCreator.Hope you enjoyed Like, Comment and Sub!MCreator: Mcreator.pylo.coTwitter:

Techne Minecraft Download

Techne download. Since the Techne servers are down, I have lost all my models, but i still have Techne installed on my computer. I used task manager to find where it was on my computer, and now I will post it. So, for those of you who do not have it, here it is. Also you need the Techne Launcher file as well. Techneモデルを弄ってみる。 Boxの大きさを弄ったりもできるのですがテクスチャマップが変更されるので 今回は位置変更だけのお手軽改造にしておきます。 ChignonR、Offset-5, -8, 1.2 SideTailR、Offset-6.5, -6.8, 1.9 Rotation0, 0, 10 ChignonL、Offset-4, -8, 1.2. 解説していきたいと思います。 まずMCreatorのバージョンは1.7.0, 初めにダウンロードするところは省きます。 起動する準備ができたら早速起動してみましょう。. Download Techne. Mon, - 12:45 (edited). MCreator is not an official Minecraft product. It is not approved by or associated with Mojang AB.