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TeamViewer will always provide the right module for the different operating systems. That means: As soon as you open the download link for your customized module on a Mac, it will automatically download the Mac-version (.dmg-file). When you open the link on a linux device, it will download the linux-version. When working from home or working on-the-go, your enterprise IT teams and employees can stay productive from anywhere with secure remote access to computers, mobile devices, servers, machines, or operational technology (OT). With TeamViewer Tensor remote access, their desktop files and corporate applications are always just a few clicks away. Once you've selected 'Save File' at the top right of your browser you will notice a blue arrow pointing down, click this arrow to reveal a sub menu. Within the sub-menu you should see 'Teamviewersetup.exe' OR 'Teamviewer.dmg' if using a Macintosh machine. Click this installation file to begin installing the R.A. Program on your machine.

I'm currently using Catalina 10.15.2. After upgrading, I cannot install any dmg files. It says like the picture below:
Same issue for Teamviewer.dmg (ver. 15). How can i fix this ?

First update your software to the current 10.15.3 for bug fixes/security fixes:

Combo update macOS 10.15.3

Verify you are not running any cleaners/optimizers/Anti-Virus these are all known to cause issues on the Mac.

Is this a simple matter of Security preferences(?), if you hold the Control key when you click open the .dmg>Open

You may have to try several times before, a new dialog presents itself.

With the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina, applications will have to be 64-bit. App developers will issue updated apps if they want their apps to work on this newest macOS upgrade. 32-bit app compatibility with macOS... -

Apple Support

Teamviewer dmg file link

Teamviewer 10 Free Download

Searching the third party Support pages for your apps in question might prove more insightful,

See if this gets you any closer, ex:

please post back your success or failure.

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