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While the song list sort of bought me back ITG nostalgia, I do hope Step Revolution did the right choice to make this game a reality. It felt like DDR (or StepMania) with a bit of Pump it Up touch, and I like both of these games. I hope to see this game succeed though (and not get sued by Konami/Bemani). Stepmania songs free download - StepMania, StepMania (OS X), StepMania for Linux, and many more programs. Stepmania songs free download - StepMania, Easy MP3 Downloader, VDownloader,. KONAMI 50th Memorial Songs; 4 Simfiles Last Update Single Double Pad Status; B B D E C E B B D E C E MP3 BN BG 50th Memorial Songs -Beginning Story-V 3.5 months ago: 2: 5: 10: 14-5: 10: 14-Pad: MP3: BN: BG 50th Memorial Songs -Flagship medley-V 3.5 months ago: 3: 7: 9: 12-8: 10: 13-Pad: MP3: BN: BG 50th Memorial Songs -futari no toki. Songs were created using StepMania, and the song files and accompanying audio files are stored on the player's USB card. When the player inserts their USB card into the machine they can then select the song from the game menu. The feature had some intentional limitations: The music file can be no more than 120 seconds (2 minutes) long. Pack Size Song Count Date Added Download; In The Groove 1: 152 MB: 67: 2016-Sep-28: In The Groove 2: 148 MB: 66: 2016-Sep-28: In The Groove 3: 293 MB: 85: 2016-Sep-28: In The Groove Rebirth +.

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Re: Request for single song / simfile by XzTS

2 years ago

[Dropbox] Pad File Database (r21/Stepmania ready)

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Re: [Dropbox] Pad File Database (r21/Stepmania ready) by jojomexi

3 years ago

Pump songs

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Giant Songs Download List

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I am Starting a new StepMania Song!

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I am Starting a new StepMania Song! by TryuipeMania

6 years ago

Need help finding this song

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Re: Need help finding this song by Thumbsy

Stepmania Best Songs

6 years ago

Supertux Stepfiles

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I need help finding this song (bleach opening)

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Re: I need help finding this song (bleach opening) by Anon

6 years ago

does anyone have disconnected HaZaRD?

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Re: does anyone have disconnected HaZaRD? by Worcoc

6 years ago

Bleach ending 15 [FULL]

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Problems with musical carpet

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Re: Problems with musical carpet by PrayerWarrior

6 years ago

Sanxion 7 songs

Stepmania Song List

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Songs For Stepmania

[EDMS A3 + EDMS A3 EXTRA] Finished :3 [KB]

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Re: [EDMS A3 + EDMS A3 EXTRA] Finished :3 [KB] by Edmspack

7 years ago

i need help finding a song?!!

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Re: i need help finding a song?!! by MAXdragon300

7 years ago

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