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Buy Steelcraft Generator Parts now. Advice available from the leader in Portable Generator Parts. USA Canada UK EU AUS NZ. 5 & 6” of this manual. CAUTION: This generator is too heavy for one person to lift without assistance. Optional accessories available from NorthStar include UL-approved transfer switches and extension cords. Contact NorthStar Product Support at 1-800-270-0810 with questions. Steelcraft Technical Manual. Steelcraft Doors with Honeycomb Construction Data Sheet. Steelcraft Integral Kerfed Frame Data Sheet. Steelcraft Rapid Program Data Sheet STILL NOT FINDING WHAT YOU NEED? Please contact Steelcraft Customer Care at (877) 671-7011. Our customer service professionals will be happy to help you.


Backup Power Instantly When You Need It…
Keep your family safe and your basic power needs on during blackouts, brownouts and weather related outages. The Steelcraft® 3300 generator provides you with instant power with just the pull of a cord. Save all your refrigerated perishable foods (one loss could easily pay for this generator), keep lights on and stay informed using your radio, TV or computer internet. You can operate electric heaters, air conditioners and the microwave oven too.

Just plug in a heavy duty extension cord and a surge-protected multi-outlet strip and your power is instantly back on. Through careful power management, you can alternate use of electrical appliances, heating/cooling, lights and cooking as you need them, staying within capacity.

It's portable, too! Great for remote job-sites, tailgating parties, hunting, camping and at the lake. You'll always have power no matter where you are.


  • Super quiet muffler
    High amp surge capacity
    Maintenance-free, brush-less alternator
    Low oil shut-off protection switch


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A current PDF copy of the Steelcraft Tech Data Manual is available on the Steelcraft website and can be downloaded here.To order a printed copy of the Steelcraft Tech Data Manual contact the Cust...

Steelcraft Professional 3300 Generator Manual

SDI 114 is no longer published as an SDI performance standard. The new SDI standard for acoustical Performance is SDI 128-09 Steelcraft does offer products that have been tested in accordance wit...
Steelcraft 3300 watt generator manual
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With the SUS connected to the AD400, in the EDIT tab there are radio communication settings 'FIRST/DELAY/RETRY.' FIRST - Is the first delay after the initial transmission of credential data, befor...
AD400 factory default settings when shipped are FIRST = 300 (m sec), DELAY = 200 (m sec) and RETRY = 5

Steelcraft 1300 Watt Generator Manual

Steelcraft 1300 generator

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To change FIRST/DELAY/RETRY connect and couple the SUS/HHD to the AD400 and find under the EDIT tab the FIRST/DELAY/RETRY settings. See notes Or connect the SUS/HHD t...