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A copy of Aadhaar Card is printed on PVC Plastic Card (Smart Card). Aadhaar Smart Cards are portable in nature; individual can conveniently carry it like an ATM card, which easily gets fits in Wallet too. Nowadays, Smart cards are in use as a replacement for laminated paper printed card. Aadhaar Smart Card functioning is similar to Paper. Like Page is the most versatile Aadhaar Printing App, available for Microsoft Windows. It transforms the e-Aadhaar PDF file into a CR80 sized card, as per UIDAI standards. W ednesday marked a significant milestone for the world’s largest biometric ID system, India’s Aadhaar program. When the program launched in 2009, India set out to achieve a world-first: giving. Smart Pro Aadhar Software helps to print the PDF file of E-Aadhaar of an individual on a PVC CARD in one click. It includes features like parsing e-Aadhaar quickly, customization of cards for pre-printed or blank cards and adjusting fonts for texts. The users can also edit the pictures to get further improved print results.

CozyPrint Features
  • CozyPrint PVC Card Making software
  • Easy to use desktop software
  • No need of using photo editing software
  • No manual cropping required
  • Full automated process
  • High-quality output
  • One software to print multiple card formats
  • Configurable to match your existing pre-printed cards
  • Designed for field operations
  • Reports to track the printed cards
  • Supports E-Aadhaar, E-UAN, E-PAN, PM JAY card formats

Smart Pro Aadhaar Card Software Installer

Smart Pro Aadhaar Card Software

Uidai Aadhaar Card Download

  • Distributed as download link only
  • No CD and shipment required
  • The license key is specific to each system
  • The license key will be sent to purchasers E-mail
  • Onetime installation and first-year support is free
  • Annual support is optional after the first year to receive software updates