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Free Download Samsung Kies for windows 7, windows xp and vista – It is a free desktop program for computers running windows OS and is a PC sync utility for syncing your Samsung android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant (T-Mobile), Captivate (AT&T) and more. Samsung Kies is the official software for synchronising data between a PC and your Samsung mobile device. It is the must-have program if you want to fully enjoy the attributes of your Samsung tablets and smartphones. Using Samsung Kies, you can transfer music, photos, videos and other documents from your PC to the smartphone and vice versa. Firstly, you should make your Galaxy phone connect to the same wireless network as that of Samsung Kies. Then, go to the ' Settings ' ' More Settings ' ' Kies via Wi-Fi ' in your Samsung Galaxy. When the device successfully detected the computer, the name of the PC will appear on the phone screen.

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In the last post, we tell you how to sync Samsung media files with computer by using third-party software like Coolmuster Android Assistant, which is professionally in transferring and managing Android data via computer. Actually, Samsung company has its own Samsung data manager - Samsung Kies, which is designed to manage and deal with the data stored in Galaxy phones. Even though Samsung Kies can do some of the same or similar functions as Android Assistant, there are still inherent problems in the use of Kies. Some of the more commonly known include the following:

* Limited to certain file formats and Samsung devices. i.e. Meaning the software does not recognize files like .avi.
* Only designed to apply to phones and tablets that have been produced by Samsung company, it is not compatible with other Android devices like HTC, Motorola, ZTE, LG, Sony, etc.

Although Samsung Kies has shortcomings, it still has the ability to help you sync your Samsung photos, videos and music files. The following tutorial will guide you through the detailed process:

How to Sync Samsung Photos/Videos/Music with Kies?

Step 1. Add photos, videos and music to the Library

Run Samsung Kies on your computer. Navigate to the left side panel and select a data category. For example, we select 'Music' in the Library column and press the '+' button to add music files to the Library from the local folders.

Step 2. Sync Samsung music, photos and videos with Library

Connect your Samsung phone to the computer and once the connection is enabled, you can click the 'Sync' panel from the top interface, tick the files you need in the Multimedia section and hit on the 'Sync' button at the top-right corner.

When the synchronization complete, you can check the files in your phone one by one.

Samsung Kies Outlook Sync

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The comments below are from a number of Samsung and Android forums, leaving many looking for a Samsung Kies alternative.

“Samsung Kies not working.” (This shows up a lot.)

“I am having problem Samsung Kies not connecting.”

Samsung Kies Pc Sync

“Can’t get Kies firmware upgrade working.”

“I have the latest version of Kies, but it won’t connect to my phone. I get the message ‘Your device does not support Kies v2.0.’”

These comments come from many Android smartphone and tablet forums. Many users report Kies problems, request help to fix it, or ask for alternatives. Often, the fixes don’t take care of the problems, making Kies alternatives their most viable option.

Samsung Kies is an app that syncs Outlook, music and photos and updates software on Samsung phones.

There are two versions:

  • Kies 3 is for devices running Android 4.3 and Android 4.4
  • Kies 2.6 for smartphones and tablets manufactured prior to September 2013 running older versions of Android.

Both versions contain problems.

These are some of the reported issues with Samsung Kies not working:

  • Won’t sync.
  • Doesn’t recognize Android device.
  • Fails to install.
  • Shows Kies not connecting to phone or computer.
  • Spits out error messages.
  • Claims there’s no default email client.
  • Won’t run.
  • Disconnects Wi-Fi.
  • Syncs part of the data or none at all.

The posted workarounds are often lengthy and cumbersome. Unfortunately, they don’t always solve the problem or cause new problems such as failures to connect or shutting down Windows Update if disconnected from Wi-Fi.

Searching For A Samsung Kies Alternative

Here are some Samsung Kies alternatives that can sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with all Android phones including the popular Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Google Nexus 3, HTC One and Motorola Droid RAZR.

As always, before you install any of the software, be sure to back up your Android device and Outlook.

Sync method(s): SSL-encrypted Internet or Wi-Fi
Installation: Windows PC
Features: Automatically syncs with Android native apps and cloudless
Trial option: Full version for seven days
Price: $29.95

AkrutoSync is Windows PC software that syncs Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with Androids. It syncs Outlook with Android directly through Wi-Fi or an SSL-encrypted Internet connection. Both options are cloudless and allow you to automatically sync Outlook with unlimited Android devices. C’t magazin, Europe’s top computer magazine, has recommended AkrutoSync in two of its recent issues.

Your Outlook calendar events appear in your Android’s native calendar app. This also applies to Outlook contacts, tasks and notes. You can use your phone’s built-in contact and calendar apps. Even the phone numbers from your phone’s contacts show up in the dialer, so it all works together seamlessly. The software accurately syncs everything including long notes. Should something be accidentally deleted or changed, it can be recovered with the sync history feature.

To see how Akruto works, you can watch the How to Sync Android phones with Outlook video. The full version of the software is free to try for seven days. To keep using AkrutoSync after buying a license, just enter the registration code. One license supports one PC and unlimited devices. This software takes our vote, but you know we’re biased.

Sync method(s): USB
Installation: Windows PC
Features: Syncs directly through USB cable and cloudless
Trial option: Limits sync to 20 entries
Price: $29.95 for personal and $49.95 for business

Android-Sync uses a USB cable to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with most Android devices. Since it directly syncs through USB, none of the information goes through the cloud.

Kies Samsung Synchronisieren

After you download the software on a Windows PC, the app will walk you through installing the USB drivers for your Android. It has a power saving mode to help extend the device’s battery life.


The trial limits your sync to 20 entries. Those installing Android Sync in a corporate, government or business environment will need to opt for the Business License. Purchasing a license activates the full software and includes a lifetime of free updates and upgrades.

Samsung kies sync itunes

Sync method(s): FTP, LAN and USB device
Installation: Install on Windows PC
Features: One- and two-way sync and syncs Outlook Exchange Folders (.OST file)
Trial option: Full version for 14 days
Price: $39.95

Sync2 can sync Outlook calendar, contacts, email, journal, notes and tasks with multiple PCs. It can be done through USB, shared network folder or file transfer protocol (FTP). It also syncs Outlook Exchange Folders (.OST file) without going through a company’s exchange server.

To sync Outlook with Android devices requires using Sync2 with both Outlook and Google. Androids sync through a Google account, which uses the cloud. Sync2 provides instructions on how to sync Outlook with Androids.

Sync2 offers one-way synchronization between Outlook and Google, which can work in either direction: Google to Outlook or Outlook to Google. You can try the full version of the software for 14 days. Discounts are available for multiple licenses. A license covers installing the software on one PC as well as one year of updates and support.

Sync method(s): Bluetooth, USB cable and Wi-Fi
Installation: Install on Mac
Features: Works with Macs
Trial option: Free edition available with limited features
Price: $39.95 for Expert edition installed on two Macs

Samsung kies sync with outlook

SyncMate offers those using a Mac computer a way to sync data between a Mac and multiple Android devices. It can do three-way sync: Mac to device, device to Mac, and both ways. SyncMate also works with cloud services including Dropbox, Google accounts, and iCloud.

The Free edition only syncs calendar and contacts. The Expert edition offers more features such as automatic sync based on a user-selected interval, SMS backup, media and call history. The number of Macs that can run SyncMate depends on the type of license purchased. For a personal license, SyncMate can be installed on two Macs.

Samsung Kies Pc Sync Ver 1.0

We hope this helps you find a solution that works for you. Please share this article with your friends and anyone who wants to sync Outlook calendar and contacts with Android devices or is dealing with Samsung Kies problems.

The Missing Sync
Sync method(s): Bluetooth, USB cable and Wi-Fi
Installation: Install on Mac or Windows PC
Features: Syncs media
Trial option: None
Price: $19.95 for iOS and $29.95 for Android

In addition to calendar and contacts, The Missing Sync synchronizes photos, music, videos, text messages, call logs and playlists. If you still have a Palm OS device, The Missing Sync can work with that as well.

The app requires Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks and Fliq Docs to sync between the Android or iPhone and Windows PC or Mac. The Missing Sync’s Android version includes a podcast plug-in, call log app and an SMS log app. The personal edition can sync with one computer, either Mac or Windows PC.

We hope this helps you find a solution that works for you.

Please share this article with your friends and anyone who wants to sync Outlook calendar and contacts with Android devices or is looking for a reliable Kies alternative.