Rooth Kar Humse Kabhi Jab Chale Jaoge

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Rooth Ke Humse Kahin Jab Chale Jaoge Tum Hindi Song of the year 1992 Lyrics on The song is a super hit song from the MovieJoh Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Kya kar loge mera joh bighad jaaoge tum: Your being upset is not going to affect me: Yeh na socha tha kabhi itne yaad aaoge tum: I didn't think that I'll remember you so much: Rooth ke humse kahin jab chale jaaoge tum: When you'll leave me, being upset with me: Rooth ke humse kahin: Being upset with me.

List of best hindi romantic songs” I've been planning to write since a long time. Am not very much passionate about songs but yes these are my all time favorite songs. Generally I update my iPod songs on quarterly basis but these remains in my iPods from 3 years (when I purchased.). So here is my list of best hindi romantic songs.
1. Dil ki Girah khol do:- Raat Aur Din
2. Wadiyaan tera daman:- Abhilasha
3. Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar:- Saath Saath
4. Sili hawaa chooo gayee: - Libaas
5. Rooth kar humse kabhi jab chale jaaoge tum: - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
6. Tinka Tinka:- Karam
7. sathi re tere bina kya jeena:- Muqaddar Ka Sikander
8. Aiye Meherbaan: - Howrah Bridge
9. Pyar hamein kis mod pe:- Satte Pe Satta
10. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh: - Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai
11. Na tum hamein jaano:- Baat Ek Raat KiRooth
12. Ye raat bheegi bheegi:- Chori Chori
13. Tum jo mil gaye ho to ye lagta hai: - Hanste Zakhm
14. Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko: - Yaadon ki baaraat
15. jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan : - Chhoti Si Baat
16. maana ho tum behad hasin: - Toote Khilone
17. yaara seeli seeli : - Lekin
18. Kehna Hi Kya: - Bombay

Rooth Kar Humse Kabhi Jab Chale Jaoge Tum

19. Do naina ek kahani: - Masoom and one new entry
20. Chalu mai tere pichhe pichhe: - De Dana Dan

I have all the people I need in my life, everything is just 🙌 Thank You God!! I see you!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Why do i feel that I’m all about second chances as much as the next person but there comes a point in time when you need to tell yourself enough is enough. Why do we fight?? Why can’t we just like them , those who living their life and enjoying each moment of being together ?? What is the real meaning of being together?? Why do we fight?? Stop fighting…Stop….It hurts…

My dear even if you dont notice me too much, i still value you the most but why i feel that you’ll only realise my true value when you lose me.

I remember In ma school anything, Id say dont waste time on anyone who doesnt value you like you value them. I said ill always be here, but its hard to take care of something when you see the value in it, you straight… you dont need me… you don’t value me anymore…you leaving me to cry alone. And you want me to value you….

So unfollowing me wont even get me sad, I’m actually smiling cos you dint even add any value when I needed you the most…even if you dont notice me too much, i still value you the most…

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Pain is just nothing when you have start fighting….I read somewhere capricorn’s do nothing without thought and purpose so if they’re fighting or arguing with you they are hoping to get some point across…Stop fighting…I just can’t keep fighting with you, I need you in my life.

Rooth Kar Humse Kabhi Jab Chale Jaoge Tum Lyrics

No relationship is perfect. You just have to know in your heart that the person you are with, is truly worth fighting for no matter what and when you’re in a fight with your woman, remember that fighting for your relationship beats fighting to prove you’re right…Thats what i want too…What you did last night, I still can’t believe what was the reason behind that conversation…..

If you want me, show me. If you need me, tell me. If you have me, show me off. If I’m worth it, fight for me but don’t fight with me..I need to stay..stay with you for whole life ,but I feel you need to let me go….

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I remember a blockbuster dialogue and i feel the same way when I’m with you..😏😏😏 kya karoon haaayee kuch kuch hota hai 😂😂😂

People says fall in love with someone who understands you even through the chaos; who talks to you after a fight & makes sure you dont go to sleep upset but i always sleep upset…I expect your calls when you fight but i don’t see my phone ringing…

I found you and was happy that i’m having someone who doesn’t bring me down daily & never fights with me and that was the best feeling in the world 😍…

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or just need somebody to talk to, You said you’ll be there💚…Babes….I get a lot of attention, but it doesn’t mean anything to me because it’s not from you. The only attention that I need/want is from you…only from you…

Kabhi Mujh Se Rooth Kar Wo Jo Mile Thy Rasty Mein
Mein Unhein Mana Kay Roya, Wo Mujhe Mana Kay Roye..!

I can’t help myself falling in love with you deeply….

This song was never so beautiful and painful at the same time….beautiful track…listen to it…..

Rooth Kar hamse kahi jab chale jaoge tum,

Yeh na socha tha kabhi itne yaad aaoge tum,

Mai tow na chala tha 2 kadam tum bin,

fir bhi mera bachpan yahi samjha har din,

Chor ke mujhe bhala ab kaha jayonge tum,

Yeh na socha tha kabhi, itne yaad aaoge tum!!