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Updated PC-6001 compatible basic ROMs to 0.7.1. Updated PC-6001mk2/6601 compatible basic ROMs to 0.3.0. Enabled PC-6002mk2 model in compatible ROM mode. Added 'Speed control' menu. In 'File' and 'Folder' tab on configuration dialog path which does not exist is displayed in red color. Platform » The first in NEC's PC-6000 line of computers. Short summary describing this platform. Platform Wiki; Images (1). ROM, sound: Storage: cassette, floppy: OS: Microsoft BASIC in ROM: The NEC (Nippon Electric Company) PC-6001 was first released in November of 1981 in Japan. It has an inexpensive chiclet-style keyboard, which is typically more difficult to use efficiently. The PC-6001 made a showing in the US at the 1982 Consumer Electronics Show. The NEC PC 6001 is the first member of the great NEC PC family.

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Pc 6001 Rom

NEC PC6001

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The NEC PC-6001 was the first PC ever produced by NEC, in 1981,
featuring an incredible 3,8 MHZ Z80 CPU and up to 32k of RAM :). A lot
of different models were produced (most notably the PC-6001 MK2 and the
PC-6001 MK2 SR). It’s successor was the PC-6601 which paved the way for
the infamous PC-88. They supported ROM cartridges, floppy disks and
cassette tapes.

A version of the PC-6001 was brought to the American market, it was called Nec Trek (or PC-6001A).

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P6001V: One of the first PC-6001 series emulators
ever, in fact it’s oldest versions were designed for DOS :). Recently
the author started working on it again and updated his work. The
emulator is open source.

PC6001VW: An emulator for the 6000, 6600 and SR series. It’s still updated by it’s author.


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KEYBOARD CHECKER: An utility that goes along the PC6001VW emulator, needed to set up the keyboard properly.

Pc-6001 Rom


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  • TOSEC. Latest TOSEC set for the PC 60 series. txt version (old)
  • Share’s collections. A pack that includes a lot of collections found on Share. There are a lot of duplicates, tough. txt version (old)