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Over the Top
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 21, 2011
38:38 (with hidden track)
44:24 (Repackage)
LabelWoollim Entertainment, CJ E&M
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Over the Top
Singles from Over the Top
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Paradise cover
Singles from Paradise

Over the Top is the first studio album of South Korean boy band Infinite. It was released on July 21, 2011. The song 'Be Mine' was used to promote the album.[1] A repackaged version of the album was released on September 26, 2011 with the song 'Paradise' as the lead single.


Several songs on the album and the singles 'Be Mine' and 'Paradise' were produced by Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo and written by Song Sooyoon, who are also known for producing songs for Kara, f(x), Rainbow, SS501, Nine Muses and more.


'Be Mine'[edit]

The group started promoting the track 'Be Mine' on July 23, 2011 on MBC's Show! Music Core and continued to promote on shows like M! Countdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. The songs '1/3' and 'Amazing' were used for Infinite's special comeback week performances. Infinite won their first music show award for 'Be Mine' (and also the first award for the group since their debut in 2010) on September 1, 2011, on M! Countdown, and won another award the following week. The group promoted the track in a remix version from September 2–11. Promotions for the song ended on September 18.


Promotions for 'Paradise' started on September 29, on Mnet's M! Countdown. It was also promoted on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo. 'Paradise' won a mutizen award on October 9 on Inkigayo and won another award on October 13 on M! Countdown. 'Paradise' promotions ended on November 5.


Track listing[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicArranged byLength
1.'Over the Top' (Intro)J.YoonJ.Yoon0:51
2.'내꺼하자' (Be Mine)Song SooyoonHan Jaeho, Kim SeungsooHan Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo, Hong Seunghyun3:25
3.'3 분의 1' (1/3)Song SooyoonHan Jaeho, Kim SeungsooHan Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo, Hong Seunghyun3:22
4.'Tic Toc'Kim InaJ.YoonJ.Yoon3:32
5.'Julia'Song SooyoonHan Jaeho, Kim SeungsooHan Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo, Hong Seunghyun3:29
6.'Because' (SungGyu solo)JHJH3:52
7.'시간아' (Time; WooHyun solo)J.YoonJ.YoonJ.Yoon4:29
8.'Amazing'Song SooyoonLee JoohyungLee Joohyung3:26
9.'Crying' (DongWoo/Hoya ft Baby Soul)Pe2ny, J-sus, MusikacasePe2ny, J-sus, MusikacasePe2ny, J-sus, Musikacase4:04
10.'Real Story'Song SooyoonGo Namsoo, Han BoramGo Namsoo, Han Boram3:48
Total length:34:12
Over The Top Album Download
Physical CD and iTunes version[1][3]
No.TitleLyricsMusicArranged byLength
10.'Real Story'Song SooyoonGo Namsoo, Han BoramGo Namsoo, Han Boram8:07
Total length:38:38
Repackage album (Paradise)[4]
3.'Paradise'Song SooyoonYue, Han Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo3:35
4.'Cover Girl'Song SooyoonHan Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo3:16
13.'내꺼하자 (Remix)' (Be Mine Remix)Song SooyoonHan Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo3:22
Total length:44:24
Over the top album downloader
Paradise – Physical version
14.'hidden track'1:19
Total length:46:53


  • On the iTunes Store[3] version and physical version of Over the Top, the song 'Real Story' has a hidden track that starts at 6:48.
  • The physical version of 'Paradise' has another hidden track on track 14. It is the same included in Over the Top but with a conversation between the members in the beginning. This hidden track was later released as a full song on the group's third mini albumInfinitize, with the title 'In The Summer'.


Over the Top[edit]

Gaon Weekly album chart2
Gaon Monthly album chart2
Gaon Yearly album chart[5]23


Gaon Weekly album chart1
Gaon Monthly album chart3
Gaon Yearly album chart[5]25

Sales and certifications[edit]

Physical sales

AlbumChartPeriod coveredAmount
Over the TopGaon Physical Album Chart[6]201157,125
Total (As of date)57,125

Hands All Over Album

AlbumChartPeriod coveredAmount
ParadiseGaon Physical Album Chart[6]201161,794
Total (As of Date)127,172

Release history[edit]

South KoreaJuly 21, 2011CD, digital downloadWoollim Entertainment
Various[3]Digital download
South KoreaSeptember 26, 2011 (Repackage)CD, digital download


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External links[edit]

  • 'Paradise' Music video on YouTube
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