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Sometimes when a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC is sluggish or has experienced an error, a Soft Reset is required. The Soft Resetting of a Windows Mobile handheld is like rebooting a computer; it clears all active program memory (i.e. you lose unsaved work) and shuts down all active programs. A Soft Reset is also necessary after the installation of some software.

Power off your mobile By holding the power button. Then, Press and Hold Volume Down Button and Power Button. Release all Buttons when you see Oppo Logo appears on your screen. Select Language option, By using Volume Buttons and Power button to confirm. China Android Tablet Hard Reset Software Using PC Download Free Posted by Maqsood SaHil On 01:09:00 with No comments Here we have shared free tool which is used for flashing or hard resetting Android tablet by using PC.

The is a single feature that allows you to read and write IMEI Number, Android version as well as other features that are related to your mobile software. If you make a password on your home screen and you just forgot your mobile password, at that time this feature is much helpful for you. Download RecBoot - Access the Recovery Mode for your iPhone or iPad to restore a corrupted firmware update or hard reset the device using this straightforward tool.

A Hard Reset clears the handheld's storage memory and returns the unit to its factory condition; put another way, after a hard reset the Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC is just as it was when you first purchased it and powered it on. All software installed, data entered and settings adjusted on the unit will be lost and only the Windows Mobile OS and other pre-installed software (Word Mobile, Media Player, etc.) will remain.

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Performing a Soft Reset

You can usually Soft Reset a Windows Mobile device by locating its reset button and pressing it. The reset button is a recessed button found on the bottom, side, or rear of many WIndows Mobile handhelds; it is also sometimes located under the battery compartment cover.

If you cannot locate your device's reset button, or if the model you are using doesn't have one, you can also remove the battery for a few seconds, replace it and then power the unit back on. This is the equivalent of pressing the Soft Reset button. It should be noted that before Windows Mobile 5, devices would often experience a Hard Resetwhen the battery was removed. Removing the battery of a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 handheld is data safe. Check here to see which version of Windows Mobile you're running on your handheld.

Performing a Hard Reset

The method for performing a Hard Reset varies from handheld to handheld. Many require a series of buttons to be pressed along with the reset button in order to force the reset. Others have software utilities (usually in the Settings Menu) which perform hard resets and restore the handheld to factory specs.

Check your product literature, or our Model-Specific Help Center, for details on how to perform a Hard Reset on your Windows Mobile device.

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Mobile Hard Reset Software For Pc

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