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Isaimini is a prominent Indian piracy website which leaks movies online. Streaming and download torrent files piracy website is a huge thread for movie makers these days. Websites like Isaimini offering their visitors to download the movie files also allow them to stream online. Check out below to know more about Isaimini Movie download website details, alternatives, how to watch movies legal and more.

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Isaimini Movie Download Pirate Website

Maharshi full HD movie leaked on TamilRockers within hours of release Mahesh Babu's 25th film Maharshi released today (May 9) across the country. The film has been leaked on TamilRockers, a notorious website known for piracy. Maharshi is his comeback movie after a long break. Isaimini 2020: Isaiminiyo is an illegal movie download website like other movie sites that has a huge collection of HD Tamil movies and Tamil dubbed movies, both old movies, and the latest releases. There are various VPNs available for your device on the internet.

Isaimini, the website operated by some anonymous people in an unidentified locality. The main goal of the site is to leak the latest movies on the very first day. The platform owns more than 5000+ Indian movies and Hollywood films to stream and download. Most of the content includes various regional languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English.

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  • Through this website, you can download the latest Tamil movie, Telugu movie, Malayalam movie, and latest Bollywood movie through TamilGun site. And with this, you can download Hollywood Dubbed Movie in good quality for download in all languages like Download HD and 720p and quality as per your choice.

How Isaimini Works?

Like many other pirate websites, Isaimini works from a remote location in an unidentified place. Most of their content is being shared from tamilrockers. The main target of the website is to leak Tamil movies initially.

Later with huge popularity among the visitors, the proprietor decided to leak Hollywood dubbed movies, Telugu, Bollywood and Malayalam films for free of download. According to the report, Isaimini owns a local server which hosts their all movie content to download from an unknown location.

Under various complains from filmmakers, the domains get blocked from search engine and also from browsing on the internet with the help of internet operators. However, the owners of the brand name playing smart enough by switch the domain to a new extension.

The main target of Isaimini is their mobile audience. The complete website is built with the help of mobile wap framework. With the usage of waste internet in India, people from everywhere started looking for some entertainment. For those who can’t able to afford money to watch the movie in the theatre every week are using pirate sites like Isaimini and others on their mobile.

Isaimini HD Movies download available in different file size for mobile devices. Initially, the first cam print will get a leak on the first day of the release. Later after few days, the official HD print with better quality is being uploaded in the platform.

Isaimini Alternatives

Isaimini is one among the various piracy website which is available in the internet. There are plenty of sites which works similar to this site which targeting regional language movies. The niche audience of Isai Mini site is tamil language movie viewers. Some of the key alternatives sites for Isaimini includes Tamilrockers, tamilgun and tamilyogi.

Not only above-mentioned sites there are similar websites which also continuously working to leak movies online. Apart from Tamil films, Isai mini also involved in releasing other regional languages movies including Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Some of the familiar websites like Movierulz, Toaypk. Worldfree4u, bolly4u also working in similar stream.

Due to the high demand for piracy websites, Producers of all language movie facing a huge drop in box office collection. With high-speed internet, people used to stream and download all the latest movies from anywhere without spending much of money and time. Hope government a cyber cell come up with some innovative ideas to stop the piracy.

List of Popular Movies Released in Isaimini

Isaimini has leaked all major releases from Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam language movies. Some of the popular Tamil movies in recent times include NGK, Devi 2, Mr. Local and more. Some of the other popular Tamil films like Petta, Viswasam also gets released in earlier 2019.

Similar to Tamil, The domain also spoiled many big Telugu releases including Maharshi, Jersey, Game Over, 118, NTR and many other major releases in 2019. These kinds of activities literally make filmmakers worry about their effort. Spending years of hard work go in vain by leaking online for free.

Bollywood movies also a victim for Isaimini and all latest releases got leaked in no span of time. Some among the popular Bollywood movies releasing in 2019 including Bharat, Gully Boy, URI, Student of the year 2, Kalank and more gets released in the site to stream and download for free.

Watch tamil dubbed movie online

Likewise, many Malayalam movies a Hollywood dubbed films including Avengers – The End Game, John Wick 3 and many other movies pirated version leaked in the website. The database of the domain is stored locally and operated from a remote location which keeps the owner of the site in a safe spot. Hope he will get caught and all the files will destroy from his server soon.

Is Isaimini legal to access?

Absolutely Illegal. Watching or downloading movies from piracy website is not legal according to the law of Indian government. The film producer owns the rights of the movies and he claims the ownership of any content which is related to that particular film.

So watching movies in the theatre till its theatrical run is the only legal option which is available. However, the producers are going to release it legally in any of the online video streaming websites sooner or later after the movies end its run in the theatre.

We request the audience to encourage the effort and content produced by the filmmakers by watching in theatre. One should encourage good cinema and kind of effort people invest to make it real to the world. So stop watching in piracy websites like Isaimini and enjoy watching them in the theatre with your friends and family.

How to watch movies online legally

With modern technology and the availability of the internet, there is plenty of online stream platform available to stream movies legally. Some of the major websites and mobile app available in the market include Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, Bigflix and more.

By investing the minimum amount of money for a subscription, people can stream hundreds and thousands of their favorite films online from anywhere. Platforms like Hotstar and Youtube also contain plenty of free films on their platform to watch online.

We request our audience to watch all the movies legally in official streaming partners and not in piracy websites like Isaimini. Watching movies in a pirate website is illegal and its literally killing the effort of the filmmakers and their efforts. So kindly avoid Isaimini and other similar pirate website and enjoy watch films in the theatre.

To conclude, We at never support any pirate websites including Isaimini to watch or download movies from their platform. We encourage people to watch and enjoy movies legally in the theatre.

Disclaimer: This content is for reference purpose only and claims no ownership of this content. does not support or promote piracy in any manner.

TamilGun 2019: We often use the Internet to Download Movies. In this, we see many types of websites on the Internet page.

We get many types of websites. With the help of which we can download the Movies of our choice. In this post today, we will know about this one download website in full detail. If you must have heard about TamilGun website while Downloads Movies from the internet.

You might be feeling a little strange to hear this. But it is true that there are many websites on the internet through which we can TamilGun download Tamil movies. This site provides Movie In HD 720p Quality. ( High Definition )

You will find many types of Pirated Websites. Which you can download these movies with the help of. But downloading movies from this type of site is illegal. Downloading movies from this type of site falls under the category of crime.

TamilGun- 2019 Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam Bollywood HD 720p Movies Download


This is a very popular website for TamilGun HD Movies Free Download. Through this website, you can download the latest Tamil movie, Telugu movie, Malayalam movie, and latest Bollywood movie through TamilGun site.

And with this, you can download Hollywood Dubbed Movie in good quality for download in all languages like Download HD and 720p and quality as per your choice.

Sometimes this site also does Live Streaming of TV serials as well. TamilGun Download Movie’s throw you can download free movies.

TamilGun is the latest HD Movies Download, which is run with the help of an (anonymous) group. Through this website, films of the South Indian movie industry like Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam, etc.

Are leaked and uploaded on the site before release. TamilRockers is the second largest website after the Tamilgun website.
It is a crime to do so. But after all the risk, this group leaks the film.


This website has been banned on Google and other internet search engines many times. But these Groups have many domain names, through which they are successful in leaking movies every time.

This group is more active in most Social Media. If you keep updated with the news, you must have heard that the criminal linked to this site has been arrested. This site is mostly operated by the people of (NRI). Therefore, it is difficult to catch people connected to this group.

Is it possible for Ban TamilGun?

You will be surprised to know that it is very difficult to become this type of website. Because this type of website is operated by people of Indian origin sitting abroad. Therefore it is very difficult to catch a person connected to this site.
Even after the Indian government ban these websites, people use the domain name and different IP address associated with that name (TamilGun Movies). For this reason, it is very difficult to get this type.

List Of New Website of TamilGun.

As we all know that Tamil Gun is an Iligal download website, due to this the domain address and IP address of this site are not being created.
What new domains of this site are we providing through the table below? The information associated with this site needs to be updated.

Which Film Leaks In Tamilgun Isaimini?

As the name suggests, these TamilGun groups mostly target the Tamil film industry. These people mostly make Tamil films available on their site before release.

It has mastered the leaking of Tamil movies as well as other regional languages such as Telugu, Bollywood, Malayalam films.

And it is also capable of leaking Hollywood films in different Dubbed languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc.)

In the investigation that has taken place so far, the police are yet to know how they are able to leak such a Confidential File. How are they able to hack the file and make it available on the Internet for free Downloads.

TamilGun Rockers Movies Download 2019.

There are many download websites on the Internet with the help of which you can Download the Latest Movie.
By the way, downloading the Movie through TamilGun this Site is illegal.

However, this group does not stop, it keeps downloading the movie Continuously because it provides a link to the man download server using the hidden server. Which makes it impossible to find the man location of this type of website.
Because this group has a dedicated server, whose location is in other countries, due to the lack of law in these countries, this website is hosted.

New Movie Leaks By TamilGun 2019-

TamilGun has leaked many new movies and provided them for free download.
Recently Tamilgun Rockers Movie Download has made a new Tamil film available on their website for download.

Whose name is Kolayuthir Kalam released on its website? The lead of this film is played by Roll Nayantara.

This is not the first time by TamilGun that many films are made available for download as per the good print 720p facility on their site.

Devi 2Petra
ViswasamDear Comrade
jerseyIsmart Sankar

TamilGun Latest Breaking News.

Which Is The Alternative Pirated Website Of TamilGun ??

By the way, there are many such pirated websites on the internet that make this movie available on their site by leaking.
A survey has found that more than 500 websites on the Internet that do this type of Illegal work. In this work, Indian sites also come in the top list which includes Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bollywood industry.
These sites have their own personal dedicated server location and many domain names are available.
The alternative private website of Download Tamilgun is as follows.

  • TamilRockers
  • Tamilyogi
  • Movierulz
  • WorldFree4U
  • JioRockers
  • TodayPk
  • 9Xmovies

The main objective of all these sites is that it can make the leaked movie available to Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Bollywood, in another language as soon as possible.

People Also Ask F&Q TamilGun-2019-

  • What is TamilGun?

Ans:-TamilGun is an Illegal Movie and TV serial Download Website, which leaks the new movie before its release. It is operated through an unknown group.

  • Who is the owner of TamilGun?

Ans:– Such Illegal Website is not operated by any individual. This type of site is run by an unknown Group. And
Most people in this group are N.R.I. Due to this the owner of this site is difficult to locate.

  • What is the current Web Link of TamilGun?

Ans:-By the way, every time new linking links are made available by TamilGun Movies because these web links are banned. Recently a link was provided by these sites.

This is–

  • What is TamilGun Rockers’ new domain?

Live Tamil Movie

Ans:- By the way, TamilGun group has many domains available. Due to piracy, these domains are created, yet the new domain name is as follows…

Maharshi Hindi Dubbed Movie Download


Tamilgun Movies Download Updation Telegram Channel Link-

There are many private Movies Download websites across the Internet that are hosted on a dedicated server. Altho Tamilgun also leaks the movie like this. And Privacy is very much taken care of in such a website.
The download link is provided by the hidden server to this site so that it is impossible to find the main server location.

Isaimini Tamil Full Movie Download

The main source of income of this site is through the background popup ad. This ad company gives permission to Illegal Ad and thus earning a High-Value amount of these sites.

Maharshi Full Movie Download

Final Word,

Hopefully, you have got all the information related to the TamilGun Movie Download Website. Downloading a movie from all these sites is a big crime, we advise you not to use these sites.



Piracy of any legal content is a major offense under Indian law including penalties. We do not promote illegal content in any way. The information stated in this post is only related to awareness. Our only intention in this post is that you should not use this type of website. Our only opinion is that you should download the movie using a legal source.