Logixpro Silo Simulation Exercise 1 Solution


LogixPro Advanced Bottle Line Exercise. Getting Started. In the bottle line simulation, we are faced with detecting and tracking a few Boolean details having to do with the bottles entering the line. Sensors are provided to detect the presence of a new bottle, the bottle size, and whether the bottle is fully intact. From the LogixPro Simulations Menu, select the I/O Simulation. Clear out any existing program by selecting the 'New' entry in the File menu, and then select the 'Clear Data Table' entry in the Simulations menu. Now enter the following program being careful to enter the addresses exactly as shown.

PLC Exercise: Design a PLC ladder program for two floor elevator System. Make necessary assumptions as follows:

• Lift door is manual sliding type. A door switch is provided to ensure the door is properly closed.
• In first Floor there is only Down Call Button
• Inside Lift, there are Both up and down button
• In Ground Floor there is only Up Call Button

Function Address
Up Call Button at Ground Floor I:1/0
Down Call Button at First Floor I:1/1
Up Button inside Elevator I:1/2
Down Button inside Elevator I:1/3
Door Switch (closed when door closed) I:1/4
Elevator up limit switch I:1/5
Elevator down limit switch I:1/6

Function Address
Lift Motor Upward Direction O:1/0
Lift Motor Downward Direction O:1/1
Ready to open door indicator Ground Floor O:1/2
Ready to open door indicator First Floor O:1/3
Ready to open door indicator inside Lift O:1/4

Logixpro Silo Simulation Exercise 1 Solution Pdf