Kung Fu Panda 3 Game Download For Android

  1. Kung Fu Panda 3 Game Download For Android Free
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Put Your Kung Fu Skills to the Test

Fans of the film Kung Fu Panda will be happy to hear that there is finally a game version for them to play. Like the film itself, the game has been created by DreamWorks and includes a large number of scenes from the film as well as the full cast of characters. Read the review to find out if the game kicks butt.

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Naturally, the first thing that gamers will notice about Kung Fu Panda is that the game perfectly captures the look and feel of the film. Players will have the chance to live out Po’s adventures and the storyline follows the plot of the film very closely. While this can be exciting for diehard fans, the lack of originality can be a bit of a letdown.

Players follow Po through the game as he learns the skills that he needs to become the Dragon Warrior and take on Tai Lung. Hitting the training room can be fun for a while, but once you have honed your skills there isn’t really too much left to do. In addition to Tai Lung there is a whole cast of other bad guys to battle including the ninja cat gangs of Peace Valley.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Game Download For Android Free

Kung Fu Panda 3 Game Download For Android

There are thirteen chapters to complete in total and players will also have the chance to take on the role of some of the other heroes such as Master Shifu, Furious Five members Tigress, Mantis, Monkey, Crane and Viper. Each character has their own skills, adding an extra dimension to the game.

Unfortunately, the game play is rather repetitive and shallow. There are only a few set tasks for players to perform and these have to be repeated over and over again in order to advance through the game. The single player mode is rather short and can be completed in about the same amount of time that it takes to watch the actual film.

Kung Fu Panda is the perfect example of a game that offers all style and no substance. There is no denying that the game looks fantastic and is sure to give fans a thrill. However, there really isn’t much in the way of missions and game play and once gamers have finished exploring the locations they will probably start to get bored.


  • Stunning graphics and locations
  • Cool dialogue
  • As the cast are here


Kung Fu Panda 3 Game Download For Android Mobile9

  • The single player campaign is rather short
  • The game play is repetitive
  • The voice acting is inconsistent