Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion Videos

Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion Videos

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In this video above you will learn about Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion home study course, the benefits of learning it, and that you should use it only with the utmost respect to your clients. Because after all, not everyone will buy from you.

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  1. Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion System Video and Audio Tutorial TUTORIALS, DVD-Rip, DOCUMENTARIES, AUDIOBOOK Add comments Persuasion is the magic bullet to creating massive success, wealth, and fulfillment.
  2. Jordan Belfort aka “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a New York Times best-selling author, renowned motivational speaker, and the world’s #1 sales trainer. In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built the most dynamic and successful sales organization in Wall Street history.

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Jordan Belfort Straight Line Selling Summary


You may not have the title of a salesperson, but you’ve been selling your whole life.
Parents spend countless hours trying to sell their kids on making their bed, doing their chores,
and studying for tests. Entrepreneurs spend significant time trying to convince the right people to
believe in their idea, so they can gain traction and advance their business. The bottom line is, all
of us, regardless of your job or influence, do some type of sales almost every day.
And here’s the catch – “every sale is the same.” At least in the words of Jordan Belfort.

And after reading his book 'The Way of the Wolf- Straight Line Selling', I believe he’s on to something.
Now, obviously there’s a difference between a million-dollar sale and a one-dollar sale. I would be ecstatic if I landed a seven-figure deal for my business and would be extremely disappointed if someone were to offer me an old, scrunched up dollar for my service. However, what Jordan wants us to learn in his book is that the process of selling, not the end result, is always the same. From the opening to the close, the order which we sell should be the same if we want to take our sales success to a new level. This pertains to everyone, from the 40-year-old Mom of three to the starry-eyed young entrepreneur.
Jordan’s Straight Line Method is easy to learn and easy to use. The system emphasizes
goal-oriented communication where the end goal is always the same: raise your prospect’s
certainty to a high enough level where they will want to buy from you.
Here are the steps you need:
Step 1: Take immediate control of the sale.
You only have a few seconds to do this (four to be exact), so be smart about what you say. The whole purpose of taking control right away is so that you can start asking questions.
Step 2. Gather massive intelligence.
This is done by asking smart questions. You want to come across as someone who can be trusted by using the right tonality and body language. No one wants to buy from someone who is nosy or simply looking to make a sale and get on with their life.
Step 3. When they respond to you, you build massive rapport.
This step is more in the prospect’s hands, but it’s important you respond well. Look them in the
eye, nod your head, and actually listen. I know it’s already been a long day, and you have three
more meetings still to get to, but how you respond to them will determine how they respond to
Step 4. Transition.
“Based on what you said to me this is how I can help you…” Now, is when you incorporate the
intelligence you have gathered from your prospect into your sales pitch.
Step 5. Presentation.
Use what the prospect has told you, which is their pain points, and clearly articulate to them how
all the features and benefits of your service will help alleviate their pain.
Step 6. Ask for the order.
Too many people are scared to ask for the order. And when they finally do, they simply give up
when they hear “no”. In the words of Jordan Belfort: “The sale does not begin until you hear the first no.”
Step 7. Deflection (aka smokescreen for uncertainty).
Okay, so you heard the words “no”. Time to roll up your sleeves and play ball. Never address
your prospects deflection head. Instead, say something along the lines of “I understand what
you’re saying, but let me ask you a question, does the idea make since to you?” Your prospect’s
answer to this question will set up how you are going to loop back into the sale.
Step 8. Looping pattern.
The goal here is to use the information you gathered from your prospect’s “no” and loop back
into the sales process while addressing their uncertainty.
Step 9. Lower your prospect’s action threshold.
An action threshold refers to the preset level of certainty someone has to be at before they say
yes. The lower someone’s action threshold is the more likely they’ll buy from you. Some people
will buy any bell and whistle out there, while others are tough as a nut to crack. But, don’t give
up when you encounter a prospect with a high action threshold. If you’re able to crack them, they
can become some of your most loyal customers.
Step 10. Raise your prospect’s pain threshold.
You learned your prospects pain points when you gathered intelligence and when you responded
to their deflections. Reminding your partner of their pain points will not only increase their
desire to buy from you, but it will also create a sense of urgency that they need your
Step 11. Create customers for life.
Congrats, you closed a sale! But the sales process is far from over. It costs way more to acquire
a customer than to keep one. Keep using the Straight Line system and watch your customers
LTV soar.
Jordan Belfort created the Straight Line System to help simplify the sales process and turn a
prospect into a customer and then a lifetime customer. As a young entrepreneur trying to gain an
edge in the business world, it is refreshing to learn a sales method that is so simple, yet effective.
As Monday rolls around and you embark on your sales journey, just remember, whether you’re
selling an Apple computer to Bill Gates or trying to get that cute girl at the gym to go on a date
with you, every sale is the same.
Thanks for reading!
-Jacob Mischke

Contributing Author:

Jacob Mischke is a graduate from the University of Saint Thomas with a degree in entrepreneurship. While in college he started a company called VersAttach and now works as a Business Development Representative for a startup company called BetterYou.

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