Intellilink Update

IntelliLink Remote expands upon IntelliLink, adding the ability to remotely access control information over the communication link of DNP-equipped S&C Automation Products. IntelliLink requires that the user directly connect a PC to a particular S&C Automation Product. If the user has a number of controls to configure (or reconfigure), this can involve a good deal of travel and time.

The length of the process depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Make sure you have a Navi 80 Intellilink Navigation System in your car. This system should look like: Check the version of the package on the device to see if you need a software update. How to check software version: Turn on your Navi 80 Intellilink system. This bears repeating: When using a USB stick for MP3s with Intellilink Infotainment, you must have a.jpg file on the stick for the voice command to search properly. I had a SDRAM card in my 2014 and 2015s, did not see one in the 2017 I purchased. (Z71 SLE with Convenience pack) So I transferred.

With IntelliLink Remote, all setup and data-gathering capabilities of IntelliLink are available remotely on S&C Automation Products operating under DNP 3.0 by connecting a computer to the SCADA communication port on one of the networked devices. The only time a direct connection to a particular device is necessary is to load updated operating system software. IntelliLink Remote is also capable of communicating over Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP/IP, allowing operation through gateways and servers.

IntelliLink Remote also offers password protection features that only allow authorized access to IntelliLink.

IntelliLink Remote can be applied in a variety of ways. One example is shown below.

UPDATED: 03 April 2020

Affected products: IntelliLink® Desktop, Ascent™, SendSuite® Xpress, StreetSweeper™, Business Manager™

IntelliLink® Desktop is a Windows application that keeps your Pitney Bowes software products current with the latest software and data file updates. Available updates display on the IntelliLink Desktop user interface. From there, you can download and install them on your system.

To install IntelliLink Desktop you need:

Update Intellilink Software

  • Broadband internet connection (such as cable or DSL)
  • 1 GB of available hard drive space

Download IntelliLink Desktop now to ensure the tool is installed and your system is up-to-date. Installation takes about 10 minutes.

With IntelliLinkDesktop, you can:

Intellilink Update Astra K

  • Update your system automatically via the internet.
  • Manage your software and postal rate updates.
  • Get automatic reminders of all updates.

What to expect after installing IntelliLink Desktop:

  • The application checks for available updates every 24 hours. Updates are downloaded daily at a time chosen by you.
  • When updates are available, you see the IntelliLink Desktop icon in your system tray.
  • To access the update, double-click the IntelliLink Desktop icon on your system tray to open your IntelliLink Desktop user interface.
  • For update information, select the 'more...' link in the lower right part of your update screen.
  • To install your update, select the INSTALL button.

2016 Gmc Canyon Intellilink Update

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