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Why We Need to Upgrade Firmware of Samsung Devices?
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From the bottom section of above screen, you should find an option named “Kies via WLAN”, this can help you connect Samsung device to Kies on PC through WLAN, your Wi-Fi netowrk. Tap on “Kies via WLAN”, you will see a pop-up attention or messages like this. Using an optional PC data cable, connect the multifunction jack on your device to a PC. Kies Air Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Kies Air allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with your phone provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network.

Completing firmware upgrade can enhance the perfection of our device, strengthen the stability of the machine as well as enlarge the compatibility of the handset, making it compatible with more software and programs. By upgrading firmware frequently, bugs on the Samsung device can be fixed in time so that your phone system will go smoothly. What's more, it can optimize and prolong the service time of the battery. However, many people notice that they need to upgrade the firmware of their Galaxy devices, but having no idea how to do it. This article is about how to get firmaware upgraded in your

Connect the computer to the router or modem. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into a free port on your router or modem, then plug the other end of the cable into your computer's Ethernet port. Ethernet cables' ends are interchangeable, so it doesn't matter which end you plug into the computer or the router. Follow these steps to use Kies Air to share files between your Samsung Android phone and a computer: Ensure that both the phone and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Start the Kies Air app on your Samsung phone. Touch the Start button. Kies Air should immediately recognize your Wi-Fi network.

Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Tab S, etc. with Samsung Kies.
WifiHow to connect kies via wifi tp-link 1.If you Samsung device is running Android 4.3 or later, you should download Kies 3. Or if your device is running a system older than Android 4.3, you need to download Kies 2.6 instead.
2. Before upgrading, you'd better back up the data existed in your Samsung phones in case the upgrade process goes wrong and wipe out all your important data.How to connect kies via wifi for pc

Tutorial on Firmware Upgrade with Samsung Kies

Step 1Connect Galaxy Phone to Kies
Plug your Samsung device in the computer via USB cable. When the phone is successfully detected and connected, you will see the interface as below. Click 'Firmware upgrade' button and start to upgrade according to the step-by-step instruction.
Note: In order to upgrade firmware of a Samsung device, you need to make a connection between Kies and Samsung Galaxy handsets via USB. Wi-Fi connection is not supported.

How To Connect Kies Via Wifi For Pc

Step 2Follow the Guide to Complete Firmware Upgrade

How To Connect Kies Via Wifi Galaxy S3

Read the advisory information, then, click 'I have read all of the above information' checkbox and click the 'Start upgrade' button to get started.
Then, Samsung Kies will automatically download some firmware components for upgrade.
Firmware upgrade will begin as soon as the downloading of firmware component finishes. You can check how the upgrade goes from the process bar. When it done, click '

Kies Via Wifi Download


How To Connect Kies Via Wifi Mac

' to complete the process and disconnect your device.
Note: During the firmware upgrade process, do NOT disconnect the device to PC.
Just in two simple steps, you can easily get your Samsung Galaxy device firmware upgraded with Samsung Kies. Hurry to do it to your Galaxy phone and make a greater use of your Samsung handset. Any question or suggestion is welcomed to leave in the box below.

How To Connect Kies Via Wifi Router

How To Connect Kies Via Wifi Windows 10

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