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Hanimex was founded after WWII to import European cameras to Australia. It was founded by Jack Hannes who gave it its name which was an abbreviation for Hannes Import Export. It sold cameras that were made by Tōkyō Kōgaku, Sedic and Royal in Japan, by Finetta, Montanus, Vredeborch and Dacora in West Germany, by Pentacon in East Germany, by Chinese and other manufacturers. Vintage MC HANIMEX Auto Zoom Macro Lens 80-200mm F4.5 #213996, $65.00; Yaschica TL Electro X Camera w Hanimex Tele-Zoom Telephoto Lens 1:3.5 F=28-80 mm, $49.00; SUN 1:4.5 AUTO-ZOOM 85-210mm CAMERA LENS CLEAN GLASS NR, $88.00; Hanimex Automatic Zoom MC 35-105mm f/3.5 Camera Lens Minolta & Rolev M.G. Oct 17, 2014 Chris Taylor Productions: Common for the time, when people were amazed just to see something on the screen being controlled by yourself. Better content for the future, I hope. This one was produced by Hanimex and while the case lists it as a 070C the PCB is stamped 070 SD as is the clone version. They run games from cartridges containing up to ten games or variations of games (eg. Pong variants) that are selectable with the ten orange buttons on the console's top.

PC-50x Family
ManufacturerA lot of companies
TypeHome video game console
GenerationFirst generation
MediaROM cartridge
CPUGeneral InstrumentAY-3-8xxx.

The PC-50x Family (also known as SD-050,[1]SD-070,[1]SD-090,[1]9015) is a series of home video game consoles belonging to the first generation prevalent in Europe between 1975 and the early 1980s, all produced in Asia. The designation PC-50x of the series derives from the name of the cartridges (PC-501, PC-502 ...).

The consoles do not have a central processor; all the games are implemented thanks to the individual chips in the cartridges, all based on the chip family AY-3-8xxx of General Instrument. The family also includes the so-called '9015' series in which it changes the name (9015-A, 9015-B ...) and changes the shape of the cartridges but uses the same AY-3-8xxx chips.


Common features[edit]

Some consoles produced colored screens while others were black and white. Those in color were often marked with the initial letter S of SECAM, the French standard of the color coding.

Features common to all the consoles in the family are the 10 keys for choosing the game, a start/reset button, 4/5 switches for game settings and two joystick with one button on each.

For many models, in the name there are the SD letters, which stand for Soundic (Hong Kong), the real manufacturer of the console.

Consoles list[edit]

The consoles were produced in China, imported and rebranded by several companies and sold under different names.Below is a non-exhaustive list of them.

Hanimex sd-070 couleur

Hanimex Sd 070 3

SD 050SITMCColorsFrance
SD 90ITMCBlack and white or colorFrance
SD 050SSoundicColorsEurope
Programmable systemSoundicBlack and whiteEurope
TV Jack 5000BandaiColors1978Japan
Video Cassette LockTakatokuColors1977Japan(CTV-8600 or TG 95 OI model).
SD 050HanimexBlack and whiteEurope
SD 070 couleurHanimexColorsEurope
TVG 070CHanimexColorsEurope
Jeu Video SD 050SSecamColorsFrance
SD-50 Program 2000 [2]CreatronicColors [2]1978[2]France[2]
Programmable 2003ElbexColors1977EuropeProduced in China but sold in Europe
4/303 'Video Secam System'RolletColors1983?FranceSold also with the name 'Secam Video Systeme' SD-050S
Programmable TV-GameUniversumColorsGermany
SD-050GrandstandColorsUnited Kingdom
Programmable gameGrandstandColorsUnited KingdomAlso known as Mercury Commander Paul's Mark III – Programmable TV Game
Colour Programmable SD070
Video Sports Centre SD070
GrandstandColors1978United Kingdom
Programmable TV Game SD-050CTempest1977Austria
Superstar 01-4354 Programmable[2]BinatoneColors[2]1978[2]United Kingdom[2]
Cablestar 01-4354[2]BinatoneBlack and white [2]1978 [2]United Kingdom[2]
tele-sports III[2]RadofinColors[2]1978[2]Europe
tele-sports IV[2]Radofin e AcetronicColors[2]1978[2]Europe
tele-sports programmable[2]RadofinColors [2]1978 [2]Europe
Colour TV Game[2]AcetronicColors [2]1978 [2]United Kingdom[2]
Video SD-050[2]AkurColors [2]1978 [2]Germany[2]
Color TVG-872[2]Cam e ClipperColors [2]1978(Cam) 1977(clipper)[2]Italy[2]
PG-7 programmablePolyconColorsUnited Kingdom
TVG 10PoppyColorsGermany
Jeu Video Cassette Interchangeables Tele-sports IIIUnivoxcolors1977France


Superstar cartridge of the Prinztronic Tournament Colour Programmable 2000

Console Hanimex Sd 070

Superstar cartridge interior, based on the AY-3-8610 chip
CodeFrench nameEnglish nameChip
SupersportifSports / Supersportic / Superten / SuperstarAY-3-8610 (8 pong games + 2 rifle games)
MotocycletteMotor cycleAY-3-8760 (4 race games)
Bataille de charsTank BattleAY-3-8710 (2 tank games)
Course de voitures GPRacing cars / Grand Prix / Race Car GPAY-3-8603 (2 racing games)
Bataille navaleSubmarineAY-3-8605 (2 games)
Jeu de destructionSuper WipeoutAY-3-8606 (10 games)
Jeux de tirShooting GalleryAY-3-8607 (3 rifle games)
6 jeux de baseFundamentalAY-3-8500 [3] (pong games)


Hanimex sd 070 micro
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English: The PC50X family (includes SD-050, SD-070 and SD-090 consoles) are consoles of the first generation, all accepting cartriges containing a General Instruments AY-3-8xxx chip.

Hanimex Sd 070 Stihl

PC-50X Family
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