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As Fortnite has emerged as one of the best RPG games in the past few years, we’d like to list out and clarify the matter regarding Fortnite best weapons till date, and how much of an impact can they have on your overall performance in the game.

Hand cannon The double barrel shotgun is a shotgun in Battle Royale that can be obtained in Epic and Legendary versions. As one would expect, it is deadly at a very close range but noticeably less effective as distance increases.

  • GOLD DEAGLE HAND CANNON. It takes a lot of skills to fight with but if you can master it once, it could serve you as one of Fortnite Save the World best weapons. The gold Deagle desert eagle Hand Cannon can be utilised as a good finishing touch when used with shotguns. But surprisingly, it’s much harder to aim and control a Hand Cannon.
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Top 10 Best Fortnite Weapons to Use

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  • Top 10 Best Fortnite Weapons to Use


It’s a beast type of weapon due to its multipurpose nature, as it can snipe from a long distance. They can hit body shots for damage up to 157 on the gold and 150 on the purple. It also has a great positivity to it, i.e. you can use it like a Deagle to bust into peoples’ walls, knock down the wall and push them, which is really helpful in a battle.

It also has a lower reload time, but there is a condition for using this weapon. If you’ve not been a sniper in the majority of your games, I’d suggest not to use this weapon in gunfights.


There is quite a difference between the purple and the blue pump based on their rarity and, many other factors. The blue pump can hit up to 100 to the body, and along with a headshot (x2 multiplier), it would be absolutely lethal for close-range shots.

Because, the max health and shield command that you can have in Fortnite is 200, hence with the pump shotgun, you’ve got the one-shot potential. Its deadly headshots make it one of the best Fortnite weapons.

If you can get one of these in the early stages of the game, you can hold yourself to be at a really nice position to cause more damage and win the battle royale.


It’s a really interesting and easy-to-use and one of Fortnite Save the World best weapons if you get to familiarize with it. It’s really competitive with the P90 as well as the Deagle. Traditionally, players like to carry an AR (assault rifle) and a shotgun, but the 3rd place is where the choice of weapon starts to mix up, and it all depends on the personalisation set by the player.


Fortnite Deagle

Blue SMG is an exciting gun to find and use because it’s wicked with the fire rate and taking out peoples’ walls and build fights only for mid to close-range targets.

Handheld Cannon Fortnite


This one among the best weapons in Fortnite is what you’d prefer if you’re looking for a bigger magazine, more accuracy or a better fire rate to get through peoples’ walls. P90 and the blue SMG are a good choice to make in a game, because of their extensive power and brutality of shots.

I mean, if you’re not looking for a weapon as strong as a shotgun, because you’re not always gonna get that 200 damage headshot right? So a lot of times you may hit them with a big crack of 130 to 160 for the maximum.

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But switching over to a great SMG to use it as a finishing weapon is still a very effective decision to take in a battle, and that’s the sole reason for me including the gold P90 on the list in the top 5s.


Being one of the best weapons in Fortnite, if you find this, your chances of winning a battle royale match increase dramatically. But finding this gun is very difficult, as this is a rare one and you get it mostly inside chests or supply drops.

Fortnite is all about killing other people and looting their weapons, to possess the best possible combination of weapons till the end. Thus, gunfights witrtnih the enemies become an integral part of Fortnite’s amazing experiences.

This gun among Fortnite best weapons, is absolutely wicked in terms of the game’s terrains, as mostly the landscapes are not composed of the flat ground everywhere. But, it’s really hard to familiarize with this gun, as it’s heavier than most of the other guns and thus you can’t jump too quickly while having equipped it.

On flat grounds, such as inside a house, this gun is what is known as the God of all other weapons. It can serve to be deadly if you spray it over enemies who try to push on you. Also, the reloading capacity of the gun is great, as there can be a total of 18 rockets equipped with the gun.


Although the choice of weapons is totally a personal preference, here you can read about the best picks among all the Fortnite best weapons which have been tested on the basis of a general audience.

In squads, the grenade launcher comes handy, but in solos, you should prefer taking an RPG because most of the players are good at building, nowadays. And they can afford to build walls at a great pace which causes a problem with the ones who’re not so familiarised to it.

Gold RPG is amazing when you’re above the enemy, aiming downwards, and also when you’re trying to reset the fight when you’re below your enemy. It’s normally an ideal utility to put in the last slot of weapons. Because, the other four are not that much of ‘utility’ items, but they are mainstream guns.


It takes a lot of skills to fight with but if you can master it once, it could serve you as one of Fortnite Save the World best weapons. The gold Deagle desert eagle Hand Cannon can be utilised as a good finishing touch when used with shotguns.

But surprisingly, it’s much harder to aim and control a Hand Cannon than SMGs. Now if you prefer finishing the game up with an SMG instead, you could do that too, but you need to have a point-perfect aim. The Deagle does more than enough to make up for the aiming part, and also has really good damage capability.

On PC, you can prefer keeping both an SMG and a Deagle, to switch in the middle of firing, but on the console it’s much harder to switch to your Deagle and shotgun if they’re separated apart on the weapons list.

Gold Deagle is an excellent option to slash players’ walls with a single shot. It’s the most thrilling and interesting gun to use right now in Fortnite, because of its unique stats.


A traditional weapon that’s still very useful if you pick it up, and one of Fortnite best weapons. The greatest feature is its silent shots, which are hard to detect when being fired. But, the maximum effectiveness of SCAR can be unleashed only when it acts unsilenced, as it would have more damage.

Hand cannon fortnite nerf gun

Hand Cannon Fortnite Nerf Gun

In fact, the gold unsilenced SCAR is the 3rd among Fortnite best weapons, and thus, when you find it, consider yourself to be lucky. The blue weapons are almost non-existent when compared to the shots of an unsilenced golden SCAR.


Handheld Cannon Fortnite

It is referred to as the best AR in Fortnite, because of its 47 damage to the body and a 96 damage in case of headshots. It’s absolutely ridiculous in terms of ruling out your enemies from the match. You could keep anyone among AK and SCAR because both serve the same purpose of ARs and its unneeded to carry 2 ARs along with their ammo.

There are also a few downsides to it, like the unbalanced and jerky recoil. But if you have minimal control over it, and decide to familiarize with it by playing more and more matches, you could have a good shot at mastering it down.

When the recoil starts to go crazy, do a YY or a switch weapons and that will make you reset the recoil smoothly and quickly while avoiding damage. When the enemy is in range, this gun is deadly and can finish off the opponent with 2-3 shots only.


This gun is the best among all of its crappier versions and can serve as an outstanding close-range lethal weapon if aimed properly. If I end up finding a gold pump shotgun someday, I believe that at least 50% of my gameplay is sorted, just because of the gun’s monstrous firepower.

It gives you the opportunity, where you can be an advantage with the majority of your shotgun fights. The people who like ARs or snipers more than this can try this throughout a complete game, and then they’ll be able to realise its delightful firepower.

I think that knocking out people by just hitting them on their heads, is the most thrilling moment that I’d ever like to experience in Fortnite. And adding more to it, 110 damage to the body, that’s freaking mind-baffling, right? There’s also a margin of error with this gun, and that truly enhances its usability, and moreover, no need to fire all the pallets to get a single shot successful. The reload time is a bit nasty i.e. 4.2s, but who cares about that when you’re about to get a Godzilla of guns in your hands.

by Cody Perez in Fortnite May, 28th 2020

Deadpool dual pistols

Epic Games might be gearing up for the long-awaited return of the Fortnite Hand Cannon weapon soon if a recent update is to be believed. The beloved pistol was vaulted last year but looks to be getting ready for its triumphant return for battle royale players in the upcoming season.

Hints at the possible return of the Fortnite Hand Cannon come from a recent Reddit thread posted to the Fortnite battle royale sub-Reddit page. The Reddit user PM092 posted about the Hand Cannon weapon recently, noting that it looks like Epic Games might be bringing it back.

The title of the recent Reddit post started by noting that the in-game model for the Hand Cannon was recently updated and now the beloved pistol looks different than it used to. To prove the player’s point, they also included a nice screenshot of what it now looks like in the game files.

The Fortnite Hand Cannon is now shown with a darker, more gritty aesthetic to it than before its unfortunate vaulting last year. It is rather interesting that the weapon has a lot more detail than ever before and has a visual art style that is surprisingly different than usual.

Deadpool Hand Cannons Fortnite

Instead of the standard Fortnite poppy, cartoony style, this new and improved Hand Cannon looks to be more realistic and mature than we are accustomed to in the game. It also has a considerable amount of more detail than ever before, with certain areas looking much better.

The Hand Cannon Looks Different Now

In particular, there is the barrel of the gun that has more ridges and interesting marks up and down it than before plus the back to the gun has added features to it as well. This makes it look much more real and menacing, possibly hinting at other weapons getting similar treatments in the future.

But more importantly, this points to the return of the Fortnite Hand Cannon as the Reddit user noted. They specifically hope that it will be brought out of the battle royale weapon vault next season and this makes a whole lot of sense to us as well.

The removal of a weapon to be sealed in the so-called “vault” is not a permanent move from Epic Games as noted several times again and again throughout the history of Fortnite battle royale. And so, it wouldn’t be strange to see this weapon make its return soon.

Fortnite Weapon List

Typically, Epic Games will remove a weapon to make way for a new one that is going to effectively replace it, because it was only meant to be there for a limited time like a certain season, or the gun itself has some problems with it that require it to be adjusted and fixed.

The removal of the Fortnite Hand Cannon was understandable since it is a powerful pistol that many players were using quite a bit in combat, but it also seemed odd at the time as it wasn’t too overpowered. That said, many in the community have missed its use in battle royale matches.

The Reddit community didn’t take long to make this post go viral on the page and there are more than 200 comments at the time of writing this. You’d be hard-pressed to find a comment scrolling down that isn’t simply the players saying “YES!” in excitement at the Hand Cannon’s possible return.

There were no naysayers that we were able to find after scouring through a good portion of the comments, with many players reminiscing over the amazing fights and wins that they got with this beloved weapon throughout many of the battle royale seasons it was part of.

And we are hopeful, too, that the Fortnite Hand Cannon will be unvaulted soon as the timing of this is impeccable. It seems odd for Epic Games to just randomly update the visual model of a gun for no reason and not say anything already, but right now of all times?

This Timing Is Great for the Hand Cannon’s Return

That makes it only weirder. After all, the release of Season 3, the next season for Fortnite, is going to be releasing next week at the time of writing this. It is about a week away from kicking off the next era of battle royale and so it makes sense for Epic Games to implement some changes now.

Fortnite Hand Cannon Nerf

If there were to be new weapons or returning ones in the upcoming season, it would make sense for the updated models and files to be released at this time and that is exactly what has happened with the Hand Cannon. As such, we are all but certain at this point that it will make a return.

Of course, we should note that this is purely speculation at this point since Epic has yet to confirm this as such and the in-game model is the only thing that has been changed for now. We don’t know about the stats or utility of the gun and how it might have been changed at this time.

For all we know, the Hand Cannon could just be getting ready for a return later in Season 3 rather than right at the start of it. Even still, this is an exciting move that could shake up and return the metagame to its older days if this is to be believed.

Handheld Cannon Fortnite Battle

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first item to return to Fortnite recently. The Recon Expert skin, one of the first paid skins in the item shop, made its return after leaving the game in 2017 recently and players who weren’t even around then had the chance to buy it for the first time.