Gecko Web Browser C#

Ever Thought if it was possible to not WebBrower control and use the Firefox Browser in your c# window Application...??
Yes , It is possible using GeckoFx wrapper class for and vb also.
You will need the Followings:
1. GeckoFx Wrapper [Download]
2. Xul Runner [Download] (Download the zip file from here)
How to:
1. Now Extract (First download).
You will find Skybound.Gecko.dll and that's what we need.
2. Now create a Project and name is GeckoFxcsharpBorwer or anything you like.
3. Now add the reference of the above dll and also add that to your toolbox.
4. Now Exctract the Second downloaded file ( and you will find xulrunner . This is the path to xulrunner runtime.
5. Create a Form Layout Like The Figure Below:
Now The Coding Part:
Our Form's Constructor:(Providing the Path to XulRunner Runtime)
Form's Load Event:
Stop Button click Event:

Refresh Button Click Event:

Save Page Button Click Event:

And Now Finally the Output:

That's All.
Complete Project : GeckoNet
ps: You can easily Add an Addressbar and other stuff

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