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In this instructional we will be walking step by step through a cleaning of your Fargo DTC400e, C30e and M30e. The process for these three models is the same. Its very important to clean your printer frequently as it will prolong the printers life and as well as keep your cards coming out crisp and clean every time. If you don’t clean your printer often enough it will lead to blown pixels on your print head which causes white lines through the length of your cards. The rollers will also “break” if you don’t clean them often enough. How the rollers break is when dust and dirt get stuck to them for long periods of time. When this happens it polishes the rubber membrane of the rollers and then they are unable to grip the cards.

For additional information about the Fargo DTC400e or other Fargo printers, let our id card experts provide you with a free consultation. This entry was posted in Fargo Printer and tagged Fargo DTC400e, Fargo DTC400e technical support, Fargo technical support on September 2, 2008 by Safe-Card ID Team. HID® FARGO® INK1000 Windows Driver ink1000v1.0.0.14setup.zip - 81.81 MB. Windows-based printer driver for the HID® FARGO® INK1000 card printer.


Lets familiarize our self with the printer parts and what they do. With the printer facing you on the right hand side we have the card hopper. This holds the cards that will eventually be used for printing. Depending on what thickness of card you are using, the hopper can hold up to 100 cards. Next we have the ribbon cartridge. This is placed into the printer by opening the front panel of the printer. Underneath the ribbon cartridge we have the print head. This is what transfers the image to the cards. Its located behind a piece of plastic to help prevent any damaged that may be caused to it.

Above the print head we have the card path. This stretches from one end of the printer to the other and is made up of 4 main rollers. Near the end of the printer we have the encoder. Now some printers may have them and some may not. You can find out by installing and running the Fargo workbench and it will tell you. Last but not least, the eject hopper. This is where the finished product lands and waits for you to pick it up. Now some of these models also have a flipper table for two sided printing. This is located to the left of the encoding module.

OK. Now that we are a little more familiar with the printer, lets get to cleaning it. To start you will need the cleaning kit: 085976. This comes with: four print head cleaning swabs, ten gauze pads, and ten adhesive cleaning cards. We first need to remove both the film as well as the cards. Once they are removed close the front panel. Now we need to log into the computer.

Go to “Start” then devices and printers OR Printers and Faxes whichever you see. Click on it and it will open up a new window. Find your printer and right click on it. Now if you clicked on Devices and Printers, you will select “Printer Properties” if you clicked on Printers and Faxes, right click on your printer and select “Properties”. If done correctly a new window will appear and it will have about six tabs in the top of it.

Stay on the “General” tab, at the bottom of it select Printing Preferences. This will give you access to communicate with the printer. Select the clean printer button towards the bottom of the page. This will open up yet another window that will walk you through removing your ribbon and cards. As well as how to insert the adhesive cleaning card. Note that if you have a magnetic encoder you will need to leave the little strip of paper on the card and insert it with the strip face up and toward the front of the printer. If you do not have a magnetic encoder than simply peel all of the paper off the card and place it in the printer as the diagram on your computer screen shows.

Once its in position simply click clean printer on your computer and it will take the card in. The printer will move the card across all of its rollers multiple times to ensure that it picked up as much dirt and dust as possible. When the printer is done with the card it will eject it out the end. If the card has quite a bit of dirt and dust on it, place a new one in the printer and run the cleaning again. You can discard the cards once they have been used as they are a one time use only.

Fargo Dtc400e Driver

Now its time to clean the print head and the case of the printer. To clean the print head, open the front panel; and unplug the power to the printer. The reasoning behind unplugging the power is to ensure that the print head wont turn on for some reason or another. The cleaning swab for the print head has rubbing alcohol in it. And we all know intense heat and rubbing alcohol don’t like each other. Things tend to get a little… hot. So now that the power is disconnected get one of the cleaning swabs and either squeeze it or fold it in half and pinch it until you hear a click.

This will allow the rubbing alcohol to be absorbed into the foam of the swab. Now the location of the print head is kind of tricky so we will do our best to guide you to it. The print head mechanism is located in the middle of the ribbon cartridge area. Its behind a pyramid shaped piece of plastic. An easy way to see it is to look into that area at about a 45 degree angle. You will see a long bar that goes towards the back of the printer. This is the print head. Run the swab across the top of the bar a few times to ensure a thorough cleaning.

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Fargo Dtc400e Driver Windows 10

Now we need to let that dry a few seconds. So as that’s drying lets wipe down the inside of the printer as well as the outside of it. This will keep any dust particles out of the printer that may hinder printing. you can throw away the wipe as well as the cleaning swab. After it all dries you can insert the ribbon and the cards back into the printer, close it all up and continue to print. Cleaning these printers is very easy and quick to do once you get the process down.