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Download Free Uc Browser Mini 9.8.0 Handlerui V3.1.3 App Handler
Features Added:
Custom User-Agents, Referals, Download Limits, just explore.
Android HandlerUI Changelog;
Copyright: Dzebb Handler 1997 – 2015
Known Issue: If the Application pauses for a long time, ‘8 hours’ the Context bacomes null (Gingerbread, Froyo);
Version 3.0 (Development Version)
– Compiled with OS 5.0.X
(Version 3.1.3)
– Code Optimized, to just 1 (one) single class.
– Fixed ‘Force Close’ issue in Android Lolipop
(Version 3.1)
– Added Custom Header
– Fixed Show on start (Fix 2)
– Added Save Multiple Configurations (beta) manually save all given data to device, each spinner will provide different data stored.
– Fixed the Child Lock if Handler Menu is Shown on Start then the User access it back, it force closes.
– Added Configuration Name (5) limit
(Version 3.1)
– Added Dual Real Host
– Added Real Proxy (beta)
Version 2.0 (Development Version)
– Compiled with OS 3.0.X
– Code optimized, to just 2 (two) classes.
– UI Optimization.
(Version 2.3)
– Add simple signature “Dzebb Handler” whoever renames this is shameless.
– Fixed issues, on going back to the Main Activity to the Handler Menu.
– Added Child Lock.
– Added Reverse Proxy.
– Fixed Show on start (Fix 1)
(Version 2.5)
– Compiled with OS 4.0.X
– Fixed the Filter cannot replace strings.
– Fixed the Child Lock cannot show when the Handler Menu is finished.
– Fixed ‘Force Close’ issue in Android Jellybean
– Add Keyboard is hidden by default.
– Touch outside the EditTexts will hide the keyboard.
– Fixed Multi Spinners that regenerates itself to the view
– Fixed if the orientation is switched to landscape, the activity is force closed.
Version 1.0 (Beta Version)
– Compiled with OS 2.1
– Ported from HandlerUI 1.2.3 (J2ME).

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Download Uc Mini Handler Apk 2019

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