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In a stroke Apple have rendered my photos useless -- I owuld like to convert them to .bmp - is there a coversion program that will work on a PC or an App for the iPhone that can convert these files?

Convert iphone photo to jpeg

Apple's 'it just works' mantra is blown out of the water by this insane change forced by the latest OS. Maybe AAE files are useful to the geeky among us, but most of us ain't them.
Apple, fix it! Now!

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Aae File Convert It To Jpg free download - JPG to PDF, Free JPG to PDF, Free PDF to JPG Converter, and many more programs. Convert many image formats to JPG in seconds for free! Bulk convert PNG, GIF, TIFF or RAW formats to JPGs with ease.

  • How to batch convert bmp files into jpg by dos command or c# program language?
    Many thanks for replying.


  • Raw photos were converted to psd and then to jpg. The jpg files were imported and some got reconverted to psd files again. How can I convert them back to jpg files so that I can put them in a photo book?

    the basic answer is to open them in Photoshop and save as a jpeg to the desktop and import the JPEG into iPhoto
    Raw photos were converted to psd and then to jpg. The jpg files were imported and some got reconverted to psd files again. How can I convert them back to jpg files so that I can put them in a photo book?
    perhaps a bit more information would allow a better answer
    And remember to never go into the iPhoto library directly and never make any changes to the structure or contents of the iPhoto library

  • Can anyone tell me how to convert mime-attachments to JPG files?
    Photos that I take on my cell phone and that I send to my e-mail address show as photos when I receive them but the file is converted from a JPG file (in the phone) to a mime-attachment when it arrives in Mail. If I forward the e-mail from my Mac to another e-mail address, the recipients can't open the attachment so they can't see the photo. I can't convert the file to JPG again because no programs I have seem to recognize the mime-attachment file and none will open it.
    Help! Thanks.

    I think I answered my own question. After checking out several sites with various information about MIME attachments, I added .jpg to the file and it opened. Soon I should find out if the newly renamed file can be read in the e-mails I send.

  • Hello to all ,
    I am using c# window application 3.5 .I want to convert .fla files to .jpg or another format so please guide me ??????

    i'm not sure what you're trying to do but:
    1. if you have flash pro, you can open the fla and publish bitmaps of any display object
    2. rename the fla extension to zip and unzip it to utilize its bitmaps.

  • I need to convert PDF file to Word Document, so it can be edited. But the recognizing text options do not have the language that I need. How I can convert the file in the desired of me language?

    The application Acrobat provides no language translation capability.
    If you localize the language for OS, MS Office applications, Acrobat, etc to the desired language try again.
    Alternative: transfer a copy of content into a web based translation service (Bing or Google provides a free service).
    Transfer the output into a word processing program that is localized to the appropriate language.
    Do cleanup.
    Be well...

  • How can I convert multiple files at one time and not one at a time

    Hi Plissey1950,
    Sorry for the lengthy delay to a response. Are you trying to convert multiple files to individual PDF files at the same time? (not combine them). If so, you'll need to use Adobe Acrobat for this function. The CreatePDF service does not have the ability to convert multiple files to multiple individual PDF files.

  • how can i convert video files from my mac to watch them on my iphone?, how can i convert video files to watch them on my iphone?

    Turns out the answer to that question changes if you ask it more than 4 times, so ask it again....
    The answer depends on the type of video files you want to convert. If they are DRM protected commercial videos, no help can be given here. Google.

  • How can I convert MPEG files (stored on a PC) to use in iMovie on my Macbook Pro?

    Get a free app called MPEG Streamclip.
    Available here.
    Drag your clip or clips into MPEG Streamclip. Then use FILE/EXPORT TO QUICKTIME to export the clips in Apple Intermediate Codec.
    Sometimes, MPEG2 clips also require that you install the Apple QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component. MPEG Streamclip will tell you if you need this. This is available from Apple for $20.

  • How do I convert a file located in my e-mail (that is secured) from PDF to Word. I can't seem to save the PDF file anywhere.

    Hi williamf,
    For starters, please try triple-clicking in the Word document where you want to edit the text (sometimes, that's what it takes to select text in Word). If that doesn't work, I'd be interested in hearing more about the PDF file that you converted and the method that you used to convert it. For example, how was the PDF created (and by what app)? Did you convert via Adobe Reader (what version) or via the ExportPDF website?
    If you can tell us more about the file, we should be able to get to the bottom of things.

  • How do I convert my file to a microsoft word document?

    Hi dvlore,
    You can use either ExportPDF or Acrobat to convert a PDF file to Word format.
    This document walks you through using ExportPDF: Getting Started with ExportPDF Adobe Community
    In Acrobat, you choose File > Save as Other > Microsoft Word > Word Document.
    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

  • How do I convert a file in pages to a word document so I can attach it to an email?

    This is pretty infuriating. There is NO way to SAVE AS a Word document. You can only export it to Word. I'm getting increasingly irritated by people saying 'That's the same as a Save'. No it's not!
    At home I have a Mac, but at work we use PCs. I don't have Word on my Mac (or Pages on PC, obviously). When preparng documents at home, the ability to Save AS a Word document has been crucial. Now that has been removed. I am being forced to shell out for Word. Once I have Word (a far better application than Pages, IMO) I will simply cease to use Pages.
    Why would Apple want to force dual-platform users to purchase one of their rivals products? Especially when this would mean less people using Pages as a result? Baffling, yet somehow not surprising...

  • Hello,
    How do I convert a file in indesign cs5.5 into the interchange format?
    Thanks for your answers

    A complete review can be found here, but basically, you can't. CS4 was the last version that was able to generate INX - the format was replaced with IDML. You must export IDML with CS5.5, open that IDML in CS4, then export INX from CS4.
    Why do you need INX? If it's for someone with CS3, then that person may not get a useable file, if any features introduced after CS3 were used in the CS5.5 document.

  • just bought my 1st mac. I have some wma format music files which wo'nt play on i tunes. How best to convert these files so they will play on iTunes? Any suggestions much appreciated

    Try using VLC Media Player 2.0.6. EasyWMA 3.3.5 or Music Converter 1.5.1 should be able to convert them to .mp3.

  • how can I convert .pdf file to .doc using the free adobe reader app? when I try to convert the .pdf file it asks me to sign in. when I click on 'sign in', I am taken to a service subscription page. So, no free conversions using free adobe reader app?

    As has been mentioned Adobe Reader cannot export PDF page content. Nor can it create PDF or manipulate PDF page content.
    What you can do is use one of Adobe's online subscription services. Two provide for PDF to Word export.
    There's ExportPDF and PDF Pack.
    Be well...

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Aae File To Jpeg

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