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LOL im glad i got a high end gaming PC to get this game on. I almost got this game for my PS3 but im glad i own the PC versionbecause the map pack is free. Must stink for console owners lol.:P. January 22, 2013 420 Laboratory. May 25, 2010 6 Feet Under. November 11, 2015 A Day In The Life (lewl) December 30, 2014 A-Grand's Devastation. Download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare RKMod v4.5 Map Pack for Windows to add 35 maps to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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My Maps

Map nameDL
Carentan 1944 (ww2)1038
El Alamein 1942 (ww2) 1.1539
Shipment 1944 (ww2)929
Ardennes 1944 (ww2)807
Ardennes 1944 Night (ww2)892
La Patrouille 1.1 (ww2)1090
4t4Dawnville II (ww2) (1.3)714
4t4Dawnville (ww2) (1.2)1000
Mission (#mw3) 2.01427
Ngbc Shipment Winter591
Middle East 1.1 (updated)2359
Canal BF3 V°2.11218
Ngbc Shipment779
Ngbc day (1.3 final)775
Ngbc (1.3 final)677
Fallen (1.1) + Fallen Night (1.0) (#mw3)1430
iClan night (v°1.1)975
zavod (beta3)2662
Middle East Night1184
Russian Village (1.2)2113
French Village Night (updated)1372
The Great Escape (1.0)1246
La patrouille (1.1)1365
French Village (final)1424
MwM Scrap (update 2)1254
MwM Area51 Night1174
MwM Area512186
MwM Empire State Building (night)1293
MwM Empire State Building2258
Wood Bridge (beta 3)1235
4t4 Scrap1993
4t4 Scrap Rain1866
4t4 Scrap Winter1523
Red Zone1963
Notre Dame1767
Hangar Return2767
George Square Glasgow1974

Video : Carentan 1944

Video made by Fre2x3 (iClan)


Video : Dawnville II

Video made by Fre2x3 (iClan)


Video : Maps for CoDWaW

Video made by iZartax

Welcome on CustomapsCoD.

You will find a large choice of custom maps for the following games (Mohaa, CoD2, CoD4, CoD5, BO3, B1944). All custom maps : free download


1333 maps in stock - 1 184 228 downloads

My last map

Carentan 1944 (ww2) for Call of Duty 4

Download : 1038
Date : Dec-29-2019
File size : 96 Mo
By : 4t4Chris

Last map added

Crash 3 for Call of Duty 4

Download : 49
Date : Dec-03-2020
File size : 42 Mo
By : Hugo (Website)

Map of the Month

Crash 3 for Call of Duty 4

Download : 49
Date : Dec-03-2020
File size : 42 Mo
By : Hugo (Website)

Last mod/file added

BO2 Mod v°6 (updated) for Call of Duty 4

Download : 121
Date : Oct-24-2020
File size : 222 Mo
By : mitsurugi (Website)

latest maps downloaded

Map nameOnline sinceDLMapperSize(Mo)
Bakaara (#mw3)01/11/20131984IZarTax182.38
Return to Das Herrenhaus (#Zombies)07/01/2019450Albert Calvo0.00
Uplink21/03/2019733BU D>ToX203.09
MwM Outset13/06/20141028Kraava77.92
Atonement (#zombies)21/07/2019365Madgazgaming0.00
OSG 36029/07/20151211{OSG}Brodie63.30
Tirtagaine Kechtat 301/02/2019848Amigos3D6.15
DesFarm (night)11/09/2019304Stendby69.91
Nuketown (#Zombies)30/07/2020183Clix0.00
1938 (#Zombies)24/07/2020817AlfaTheseus0.00
Crash 303/12/202049Hugo44.66
Hb bomb shelter29/10/201311313.55
Cambodia docks29/10/201312077.72
berlino v229/10/201311463.63
Belgas 7429/10/201311053.01
More maps...


Subject Date
Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Beta - PC10, 15, 2020
Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Zombies Reveal Trailer10, 03, 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Multijoueur09, 11, 2020
mp_ngbc & mp_ngbc_day updated 1.302, 07, 2020
Wip Sinai (BF1 remake) for cod401, 24, 2020
Release Carentan 1944 (ww2) #cod412, 26, 2019
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones12, 23, 2019
(wip) Carentan 1944 (mp_carentan44) for CoD412, 13, 2019
Release Shipment 194411, 22, 2019
La Patrouille (updated) 1.111, 22, 2019
Release Ardennes 1944 (CoD4)11, 13, 2019
Release Ardennes 1944 night #cod410, 11, 2019
(wip) Ardennes 1944 (mp_ardennes) for CoD409, 02, 2019
Release La Patrouille (cod4)07, 30, 2019
Release Dawnville2 (#cod4) Return to the Past07, 15, 2019

Last Mods/Files

BO2 Mod v°6 (updated)121
Shipment Long (d&n) (Source)186
mw3 Lookout & night (Source)368
mw3 Vortex & night (Source)424
mw3 Burn & night (Source)421
World War II Mod1184
mw2 underpass & night (Source)725
waw castle night (Source)865
mw2_rust (Source)797
mw2_quarry (Source)454
mp_mw3_hardhat (Source)917
Pack mw2 Skybox (CoD4)1111
RSM v21354
Efaya Mod (1.4.0)2099
BO2 Mod v°52348

1333 maps in stock - 1 184 228 downloads

Game MapsDownloadsPreviewList
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 : 9545 919LinkLink
Call of Duty 2 : 196189 760LinkLink
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare : 611558 601LinkLink
Call of Duty World at War : 285240 542LinkLink
Call of Duty World at War (Zombies) : 32 892LinkLink
Redline (Mod MwMWaW): 1719 900LinkLink
Medal of honor Allied Assault : 121125 097LinkLink
Battalion 1944 : 51 517LinkLink

Tutorials Mapping

To find tutorials about CoD2, CoD4, CoDWaW, Bo3 mapping :

Last Maps (add/upd)

Map nameDL
Crash 349
DerRiese Declassified(#Zombies)17
Dunkelheit der U...(#Zombies)26
Gestort (#Zombies)46
St Elizabeth H. (#Zombies)52
Blockade (#Zombies)67
Der Hafen (#Zombies)22
Underground (mw3)191
Lockdown (mw3)273
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E7 (#Zombies)49
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E6 (#Zombies)50
St Renan123
Nuketown (#Zombies)183
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E2 (#Zombies)81
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E3 (#Zombies)76
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E4 (#Zombies)73
Last Man Standing Wins - S2E5 (#Zombies)72

The World War II mod by Mits

the month's maps

Map nameDL
Crash 349
Lockdown (mw3)273
mw2 Subbase194
Ziba Tower188
mw2 Boneyard256
Lookout (mw3)390
Vortex (mw3)386
Canals (mp_efa_canals) 1.0.1357
mw2 Underpass847
mw2 Rust753
Quarry (mw2)625
Piazza (mw3)819
Crash 2362

Popular Maps

Map nameDL
Seatown (final) (#mw3)4025
Favela (#mw2)3856
OSG Nuketown 20252823
Hangar Return2767
82ab Chateau xmas2673
zavod (beta3)2662
Outskirt (mp_oukhta)2650
OSG Hijacked 22624
Nuketown (coldair)2434
cdi Mision Isla2420
Middle East 1.1 (updated)2359
Town (#Bo2)2311
OSG Cargo2267
MwM Empire State Building2258
OSG Backlot Snow (winter)2200
MwM Area512186
Russian Village (1.2)2113
OSG Hijacked2096

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