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SOP 054 - Data Processing - Agilent Chemstation & Thermo Xcalibur Data Reduction Page 3 of 26 1. This method is designed to allow a user to process Organic Base Screen, Organic. ChemStation’s partnership is part of the Safer Choice initiative for commercial formulation with the basic goal of the initiative to seek and promote innovative chemical products, technologies, and practices that benefit human health and the environment. A key purpose of the partnership program is to recognize and encourage the formulation of.

Agilent chemstation calibration curveCalibration

Chemstation Hplc Calibration

We use chemstation B.03.02 and have been quantifying analytes and creating calibration tables using external standards. I would like to switch to using an internal std for quantification, but am not exactly sure how to set that up in chemstation.
Currently we are looking at three separate analytes, we make a 5 point calibration. The external standards are prepped for 5 concentrations ranging from 7.3ug/ml to 149.4mg/ml
If using the ISTD method in chemstation would we spike each calibration level at the same concentration as the analyte, or would the concentration of the ISTD be constant at all levels? The response of the analytes we are looking for are linear, thus I would think that the ISTD concentration would match that of the analyte for each calibration level, but I am not very familiar with chemstation, and want to make sure i'm setting up the calibration correctly.