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Another developer announces the end of support for FSX. In their forums, Captain Sim has made the following announcement:

A video showing the space shuttle flight from takeoff at Cape Canaveral Florida to orbit and then a landing at Edwards Airforce base. The shuttle program is. Boeing 757, Boeing 777, Lockheed L1011, Boeing 737, Boeing 707, Boeing 767, Boeing 727, C-130 Hercules, Weapon for FSX, B-52, Space Shuttle, F/A-18D, F-117A, F-104 Starfighter, MiG-21, Yakovlev Yak-3 expansions for Prepar3D, MS FSX and FS9. Don't be limited by the standard issue release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X - unlock its real potential and download FSX add-ons today! Fly Away Simulation stands proud as the largest and most complete flight simulator website on the Internet, providing news, freeware downloads, and discussion to millions of flight simulator enthusiasts. The development team at Captain Sim and the Publishers of JustFlight have done it again and this time they harnessed the skills of a Shuttle-trained Cosmonaut to develop a flight sim first. All six Shuttle orbiters are faithfully modelled and the systems and avionics are re-created to an extremely high level of detail.




Space Shuttle Flight Simulator X

Captain sim space shuttle fsx downloadSim

It's 12 (twelve, Karl) years since FSX release! Great sim, the last and the best one from Microsoft. Space Shuttle was our first FSX product...

We are sure that FSX will continue to fly for many more years, as FS2004 does, but it's time to retire FSX officially.

To add even more drama, we'd call it the end of 32-bit era, which means P3D 2-3 are retired as well.

Fsx Space Shuttle

Technically that means no more updates, no new developments for 32-bit sims. The upcoming 757 CAPTAIN III Freighter and -300 expansions for FSX/P3D3 will be released and updated as usual. But they are going to be the last ones for 32-bit sims.

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