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Talented rapper with Jamaican ancestry, Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith) was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 20, 1972. The kid tried to stick to grown up rappers all the time and made then see a big gift in him and give him an opportunity to reveal his skills. As a teenager, Trevor won a competition for young rappers held by Chuck D from Public Enemy. He was the one who proposed to Trevor his future stage name, Busta Rhymes, originated from the name of the NFL player George ‘Buster’ Rhymes. Chuck also helped the winner to organize his first band Leaders of the New School formed in the late eighties. A bright future was promised to this outfit after the critical acclaim of their first works, A Future Without a Past (1991), and T.I.M.E (1993), but the inside differences brought a timeless end to the group. After the demise of this formation, Busta Rhymes was able to focus entirely on his solo career and combine it with the acting activity. His most notable work in cinema of that period was the part in Learning High shot in 1995.

In March 1996, Busta Rhymes issued his first solo album, The Coming, to grab the leadership in the R&B/hip-hop Billboard charts, mostly thanks to the colorful single Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check. This composition had such an impressive charts performance that it took the album only two months to receive the golden certificate. In a year, this studio work earned the artist a Grammy nomination proclaiming him one of the year’s most prominent rap performers.In the centre of attention, Busta Rhymes wasted no time and within a shortest possible period recorded a sophomore long player to be released in September 1997 under the title When Disaster Strikes. This record did an amazing job to overcome its predecessor by ranking third in Billboard 200. It featured eighteen flawless tracks including the smashing hits Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See, and Dangerous. Standing firmly ahead of the hip-hop movement, Busta Rhymes took no big efforts to produce a streak of three powerful albums coming one after another in a blink of an eye, E.L.E: The Final World Front (1999), Anarchy (2000), and Genesis (2001). He added four more Grammy nominations to his great achievements alongside. The artist was doing fine in Hollywood too as he appeared in two expensive and well promoted movies Shaft, and Finding Forrester, both released in 2000.

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In 2002, Busta Rhymes worked hard to find time for cinema as he played in Halloween: Resurrection, and Narc, and for his music career making the sixth album. It was It Ain't Safe No More and hit the stores the same year on November 26. The new effort was slightly weaker than the other works, but featured two undisputable hits, Make It Clap, and I Know What You Want. The latter had a video nominated for an MTV VMA. Later, in October 2004, Busta Rhymes delivered a collection of his best songs, The Artist Collection: Busta Rhymes. In two more years, he enlarged his discography with another full format CD, The Big Bang. The making process involved such celebrities as Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliott and Q-Tip. This work was purposed to bring back Busta Rhymes’ golden era of the late nineties. Even if not musically, this record succeeded commercially above all expectations. In May 2009, Busta Rhymes hit the stores with his subsequent studio effort, Back On My B.S. He refused to experiment with music and prepared quite a predictable kind of material, yet executed it at the highest possible level, always loyal to his rules: multitude of guests and working with established producers.

Studio Albums

Back on My B.S.
This May Busta Rhymes releases his eight creation Back On My B.S. which even if does not help him to get his throne back does make him one of the prinicpal noble men in the existing rap industry government
The Big Bang
After a 4-year break the New-York's rap headman Busta Rhymes has finally presented the audience with his new album, The Big Bang. It is a more progressive, up-to-date and stylish album having a variety of melodies and voices



In 1963 a team of South American scientists unearthed a remix, inscribed on a golden LaserDisc, from the future. It was this. I love my bitch.Follow Memorecks:Facebook - www.facebook.com/memorecksmusicTwitter - www.twitter.com/memorecksYoutube - www.youtube.com/memorecks


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