Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 In Kannada

Chapter 15 - Purushottama Yoga

The Yoga of the Supreme Divine Personality

The fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Purushottama Yoga. In Sanskrit, Purusha means the All-pervading God, and Purushottam means the timeless & transcendental aspect of God. Krishna reveals that the purpose of this Transcendental knowledge of the God is to detach ourselves from the bondage of the material world and to understand Krishna as the Supreme Divine Personality, who is the eternal controller and sustainer of the world. One who understands this Ultimate Truth surrenders to Him and engages in His devotional service.

The fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Purushottama Yoga. In Sanskrit, Purusha means the All-pervading God, and Purushottam means the timeless & transcendental aspect of God. Bhagavad Gita Free In Kannada Mp3, How to download Bhagavad Gita full book PDF in Kannada Kannadambe (4.49MB) Mp3 Download, Get Bhagavad gita in kannada All 18 chapters Chapter 1 Mp3 and MP4, BHAGAVAD GITA KANNADA ಭಗವದ್ ಗೀತಾ BHAGAWADH GEETHA BHAGAVAD GITA GHANTASALA BHAGAVAD GEETA Free Download, Bhagavad Gita Free In Kannada Convert from. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 June 5, 2012 November 12, 2018 avgsatsang. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 February 13, 2001 October 1, 2018 avgsatsang. In the preceding chapter the Supreme Lord Krishna described the state of bondage the jiva or embodied being is forced to undergo due to being controlled by the three gunas or modes of material nature which keeps one revolving in samsara the perpetual cycle of birth and death. At the end of the chapter He revealed that the only way to become eligible to overcome the three gunas was by bhakti.

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Verse 1

The Blessed Lord said: They say that the peepul Tree, which has its roots upward and the branches downward, and of which the Vedas are the leaves, is imperishable. He who realizes it is knower of the Vedas.


Verse 2

The branches of that (Tree), extending down-wards and upwards, are strengthened by the qualities and have sense-objects as their shoots. And the roots, which are followed by actions, spread down-wards in the human world.


Verse 3

Its form is not perceived here in that way; nor its end, nor beginning, nor continuance, after felling this Peepul whose roots are well developed, with the strong sword of detachment-;


Verse 4

Thereafter, that State has to be sought for, going where they do not return again: I take refuge in that Primeval Person Himself, from whom has ensued the eternal Manifestation.


Verse 5

The wise ones who are free from pride and non-discrimination, who have conquered the evil of association, [Hatred and love arising from association with foes and friends.] who are ever devoted to spirituality, completely free from desires, free from the dualities called happiness and sorrow, reach that undecaying State.

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Verse 6

Neither the sun nor the moon nor fire illumines That. That is My Supreme Abode, reaching which they do not return.

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The Essence of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

The Supreme Self

The Universe as a Tree:

Shri Krishna said, “The universe is like the Imperishable ‘Ashwattha’ tree hanging upside down. Its roots are above in the sky (in the Ultimate Reality, the Supreme Self or Brahman), the branches are below, and the leaves are the scriptures. One who knows the universe as described above is the knower of the Ultimate Reality.

The branches of this tree spread above, below, and all around. They are nourished by the three gunas; sattva, rajas and tamas. Its buds are the sense objects. In this human world, the cause-effect chains form the tap roots which give rise to ego, attachment, and desires.

What to make of the tree?

One cannot comprehend its true form here. It has no beginning, no end and its present state is uncertain. This tree has been deeply rooted into ego, attachment, and desires. In order to acquire the Supreme Knowledge of the Ultimate Reality, one has to cut down this tree with the powerful weapon of detachment.

Then, one has to search for the Ultimate Reality, the knowledge of which prevents one from becoming deluded again. One should pray, “I surrender to you, the Ancient Supreme Self, from which streamed forth the whole universe.”

Who attains the Supreme Self?

Those highly evolved people, who have gotten rid of their false pride and delusion, conquered their minds and senses, are ever devoted to the goal of attaining the Supreme Self, are devoid of worldly desires, and do not get disturbed by the pairs of opposites like pain & pleasure and others, attain the Immortal Supreme Self.

This Supreme Self is self-illumined. Neither the sun, nor the moon, nor fire illumines It. The one who reaches the Abode of the Suprereme Self does not get deluded again.

The Parts of the Supreme Self:

An eternal part of Me (the Supreme Self), called the Atman, attracts the mind and the senses and becomes a being called Jivatma.

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As wind takes fragrance from a flower to another place, this Jivatma takes the mind and the senses from one body to another.

This Jivatma, presiding over the senses like the ear, the eye, the organs of touch, taste, and smell, and the mind, enjoys the objects of the senses.

The people with deeper insight realize that the Jivatma endowed with three gunas resides in a body, enjoys the sense-objects, and leaves the body. People with undeveloped intellect cannot realize this fact.

Yogis who have purified their minds through proper spiritual practices and self-control realize this Atman. But, people with impure minds and lack of self-control cannot realize this Atman even if they make efforts.

The Power and the Nature of the Supreme Self:

Know that the effulgent light of the sun which illumines the whole world, and the light of the moon and the fire is My (Supreme Self’s) light.

Pervading the earth, I, the Supreme Self, hold all beings and I nourish all vegetation through My light of the moon.

Bhagavad Gita 15 Chapter In Kannada With Meaning

I, the Supreme Self, digest all the four kinds of food (food which is chewed, swallowed, leaked, and sucked) being the fire inside the stomach which is kept alive by the wind of inhalation and exhalation.

I reside in the hearts of all, and through Me alone they have memory, knowledge, and destruction of their doubts. I am the creator and the knower of the Vedas, and through the Vedas I am the One to be known.

The Supreme Self:

There are two kinds of selves in the world, the Perishable and the Imperishable. All the embodied beings of the world are Perishable, while the Unchanging Self within all beings (the Atman) is the Imperishable.

However, there is yet another Self which is beyond the Perishable and the Imperishable. It is known in the Vedas and the world as the Supreme Self. It pervades and sustains the whole universe.

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Since I am the Supreme, beyond the perishable and the imperishable, I am known in the Vedas as the Supreme Self. One who knows Me as the Supreme Self has known everything to be known and he/she worships Me with all his/her heart.

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O Arjuna! Thus, I have told you the profound Truth by knowing which one becomes the Knower of the Truth and the blessed soul.”

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