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I read the codes on the car and found this. The Internet doesn't make anything clear about what this is. (I've never heard of a radiator blind or its function).
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BMW engines are known by their M, N, B, S, P, or W codes while BMW chassis and bodies are known by their E, F, or G codes. BMW Engine Codes The engine codes used to be quite simple - M10 for four cylinder, M20 for small six cylinder, and M30 for the Big Six. But as the range of BMW engines expanded they needed a more meaningful code designation. 2fod fault code. Car operating normally. 'Service Engine Soon' light NOT on for last two weeks. No - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic. 2EF1 and 2EE0 on my BMW x5 3.5. Asked Feb 2, 2017 by Shaji.

BMW X5 Cabin heat does not work Dear All I have a BMW X5 4.8L 2007 model with 210,000 KM on the clock. I have a problem with my car cabin heating system as it does not heat at all when set to heat settings. The fan works and the AC system cools perfectly. But the cabin heat does. BMW P152B code Hi. 2006 BMW X5 4.4i Getting a P152B code. SOURCE: where is the oil filter located on the bmw 116i right at the front in the middle below plastic housing. Has 1 large plastic cap on a metal lower casing, not metal bodied like old oil filters just has filter element.

I cleared the code and the reader said it was successful, however, the code came straight back.
About 3 months ago I had water pump and thermostat replaced, this is the first time I've read the codes since and can't confirm whether the code was present before.
I understand the car should run up to around 103 ish degrees when on a decent run to aid mph etc, however the temp in hidden menus only gets to around 78 degrees max when driven at 70mph gently for a few miles.
When I give it some beans, the temp drops significantly.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
E87 130i
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BMW: Accessing Trouble Codes

This information applies to 1989-19903, 5, and 7 series BMW models.

The following procedure will enable you to retrieve “basic”or “flash” trouble codes only. Other codes may also be stored, but theycan only be retrieved using an appropriate Scan Tool.3 SeriesTurn the ignition key to the “on” position, but doCodenotstart the engine. Wait 3 seconds for the code(s) to flash. Thecheck engine light will flash the first code, pause for 3 seconds, thenflash the next code. For example, if codes 2 and 4 are stored, the checkengine light will flash twice, pause for three seconds, then flash fourtimes. When all codes have been displayed, the check engine light will remainON.

Code Definitions

Code 1Airflow Meter
Code 2Oxygen Sensor
Code 3Coolat Temperature Sensor
Code 4Throttle Position Sensor

Less Diagnostic Tool

90-later 3 series models

  1. Turn ignition On.
  2. Depress accelerator pedal five times to WOT within five seconds.
  3. DTCs will display as flashes on ‘‘Check Engine’’lamp.
  4. On models equipped with V-12 engine, depress accelerator pedal six timesto WOT to display cylinder 7–12 DTCs.
5 and 7 SeriesTurn the ignition key to the “on” position, engine off.Depress the accelerator pedal completely to the floor five times. The checkengine light will begin flashing the trouble codes. These models use 4 digitcodes. The codes are displayed as follows:First digit (always “1”), pause, 2nd digit, pause, 3rd digit,pause, 4th digit. The light will now pause again and then will begin flashingout the next stored code, or it will repeat the first code if no other codesare stored.
1000End of diagnosis
1211Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
1215Airflow Sensor
1221Oxygen Sensor
1222Oxygen Sensor regulation
1223Coolant Temperature Sensor
1224Air Temperature Sensor
1231Battery Voltage out of range
1232Idle Switch
1251Fuel Injectors (final stage 1)
1252Fuel Injectors (final stage 2)
1261Fuel Pump Relay
1262Idle Speed Controller
1263Tank Vent
1264Oxygen Sensor heater relay
1444No faults in memory

Using Scan Tool

Bmw 2fod codeConnect scan tool to diagnostic link connector located at right rear ofengine compartment. Follow tool manufacturer’s instructions to obtainDTCs.

Reading the Trouble Codes

Using Check Engine Lamp

‘‘Check Engine’’ lamp will stay on five seconds, flashonce, then begin flashing fault codes with 2.5 seconds between numbers. WhenDTC has been displayed, lamp remains on. Repeat access procedure to displaynext DTC. If first DTC is 1444, 2444 or 4444, no DTCs are stored. DTC 1000or 2000 followed by one or two flashes, a long paused and then lamp remainingon indicates no more DTCs are stored. Refer to ‘‘Diagnostic TroubleCode Identification’’ for DTC interpretation.

Clearing Trouble Codes

To clear trouble codes, momentarily disconnect multi-pin connector fromECM, disconnect battery, start engine 60 times after repair without repeatfailure, or follow diagnostic tool manufacturer’s instructions.NOTE: IF YOUR CAR IS EQUIPPED WITH A FACTORY ANTI-THEFT RADIO, MAKESURE YOU HAVE THE RADIO ACTIVATION CODE BEFORE YOU DISCONNECT THE BATTERYCABLE!

2fod Bmw 2006

2fod Bmw

2fod Bmw Code

ModelYearEngine identificationSystem
1 Series (E82/E88)20086 cylinder N51Siemens
3 Series/Compact (E36)1992-014 cylinderMotronic/Siemens
3 Series (E46)1998-024/6 cylinderMotronic M5.2/ME7.2/ BMS46
3 Series (E46)1998-024/6 cylinderSiemens MS40/41/42
3 Series 2.5/3.0L (E46/E90/E91)2002-0625 6S 6/30 6S 3/N52/N53Motronic/Siemens
3 Series 3.0L (E90/E91/E92/E93)2007-086 cylinder N51/N52Siemens
3 Series 3.0L (E90/E92/E93)2007-086 cylinder N54Siemens
5 Series (E39)1996-026/8 cylinderMotronic/Siemens
5 Series 2.5/3.0/4.4/4.8L (E39/E60/E61)2002-0625 6S 5/30 6S 3/44 AS 1/2/N52/N53/N62Motronic/Siemens
5 Series 3.0L (E60/E61)2007-086 cylinder N52Siemens
5 Series/M5 3.0/5.0L (E60/E61)2006-08N54/S54Siemens
5 Series 4.4L (E60)2004-05N62 B44Motronic/Siemens
5 Series 4.8L (E60/61)2007-08N62TUMotronic
5 Series M5 5.0L (E39)2000-0350 as 1Motronic/Siemens
5 Series M5 5.0L (E60/61)2006-08S54Motronic/Siemens
6 Series 4.4/4.8L (E63/E64)2004-06N62Motronic/Siemens
6 Series 4.8L (E63/E64)2007-08N62TUMotronic
6 Series M6 5.0L (E63/E64)2006-08sa5Siemens
7 Series (E38)1994-026/a cylinderMotronic/Siemens
7 Series 4.4/4.8L (E65/E66)2002-06N62 844/8a5Motronic/Siemens
7 Series 4.8L (E65/E66)2007-08N62TUMotronic
7 Series 6.0L (E66)2003-08N73Motronic
8 Series (E31)1994-98a/12 cylinderMotronic/Siemens
X3 2.5L (E83)2004-0525 6S 5Motronic/Siemens
X3 3.0L (E83)2004-0630 6S 3/M54/N52Motronic/Siemens
X3 3.0L (E83)2007-086 cylinder N52Siemens
X5 (E53)1999-028 cylinderMotronic/Siemens
X5 3.0/4.4/4.6/4.8L (E53)2003-0630 6S 3/44 8S 2/46 a8 1/N62 844/N62 B48Motronic/Siemens
X5 3.0L (E70)2007-086 cylinder N52Siemens
X5 4.8L (E70)2007-08N62TUMotronic
Z31996-024/6 cylinderMotronic/Siemens
Z4 2.5L (E85)2003-0525 68 5Motronic/Siemens
Z4 3.0L (E85)2003-0830 68 3Motronic/Siemens
Z4 3.0L (E85/E86)2007-086 cylinder N52Siemens
Z4 3.0L (E85/E86)2006-086 cylinder 854Siemens
Z8 5.0L (E52)2000-0350 8S 1Motronic/Siemens