16 Line Tajweed Quran Download

16 Line – Taj company quran 16. If you can upload 15 lines tajweed Quran of Taj company that would be great. Pl chand company ka 15 line wala quran download. Quran 16 Line Tajweedi - Hafizi Quran Complete Android latest 1.3.1 APK Download and Install. Smart Quran App That HELPS this Perfecting learn / recite the Koran with tajweed.

16 Line Tajweed Quran Download

Seven Years of Excellent Services

Today is the first day in 8th year of our company. So, it's very important day in our history. We are intended to share Four Colors' Coded Quran with you on this happy occasion.
16 Line Tajweed Quran Download
E-Learning Holy Quran Company was launched in January 2012 and it has completed its seven years today. We are running an online Quran teaching institute since then with great passion and hard-work. Many students (including young kids, teenagers, Adult and old-age) have learnt the Holy Quran during these years, some of them also have memorized the parts of the Holy Quranic. Our students are our assets because they are the guarantee that we have been working properly since 2012 AD. Some parents of the students also have mentioned their views on our Page on Google Maps and on Facebook page.
If you need any of our services, or some queries i.e. regarding our teaching way, Quran Downloading, Translation of Quran or to download Tajweed Book, so you may contact us via any means which are convenient for you. For example
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16 Line Tajweed Quran Download16 Line Tajweed Quran Download
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Four Color Coded Quran

E-Learning Holy Quran is going to humbly present four Color Holy Quran file (Look-Alike Taj company's 16 lines Quran) for online users to download it free of cost and study the Holy Quran. The File is 229 MBs (MegaBytes) in weight

16 Line Tajweed Quran Download Pdf

To download please Click on following link 16 Line Tajweedi Quran 4 Color Coded in single PDF file Download Free 229 MBs

16 Line Tajweed Quran Download


Taj company flip page Tajweed Hafizi Quran in four colors sixteen lines with Urdu and English rules. The help of this Quran you can read and learn by heart. More attractive for those students, who learn and memorize the Quran. I have created and compiled In Flip Pages, you can feel better during studying it instead of PDF or other sources. No need to install Adobe Reader. Just scroll arrow keys or mouse pointer to select your desired content. Also next and back the pages. After download, extract the folder. Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install.

Main Features:
1- Click Bookmark icon “Table of content” to quickly select your desired PARA and SURAH for reading.
2- Select Enable Full screen button for Full screen mode.
3- Click “Switch Language option right bottom of the application and select your desired language.
4- With “Sound On” option you can on or off sound.
5- For automatic page flipping use “Auto Flip” option.
6- New added “Print” option give you to print the pages.
7- Compatible for all Microsoft windows xp, vista, windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Created in one file (Portable), so do not need to install. It is a complete book which has 550 Pages and size is 524 MB. If you like then share with others and leave comments. I request you to forward it to as Many People as you can and Pray for me. Download this Quran from below link, If you have any problem in downloading then tell me.

16 Line Quran Pak Download